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Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: November 13, 2020, 01:24:52 PM »
The _X_ Blog
Well, it went as soon as it came. The season was meant to culminate with a trip up the road to the track I hate to love, central village cycle club, but that didn't happen due to rain fall the two days prior. Although the club still held OP, I am too far along this motocourse to have anything to do with that crap. Its time to do my winter thing, music and training. I will be refreshing the old girls for what next season brings and will provide updates on the progress. It was for what it was, a good season. I just hope next season is as it should be.

Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:08:01 PM »
With the season on the penultimate lap and the seasons change still holding on to summers golden rays I am satisfied with how this riding season has turned out. I was able to attend both available events that remained on my calendar as well as quite a few OP's to boot. This all on two season old Super-evo bikes after deciding that what I thought was gold turned out to be coal.
Buying the modern bike was a lesson in humility, not all pastures are greener or all change is good. Sometimes it is best to meditate long and hard and seek the Lord for guidance. It was an expensive way to find out "what I was missing". Now I can safely say that my soul is better suited for the old girls I grew up racing.
I had an amazing day at the wick with Toots, the Oracle and the Two Viola's. I believe someone has been missed this season... Oh! thats right,  now if memory serves me well M.I.R.A.'s founding father has been absent form the events I've attended! I knew I was feeling a bit rouge this year, the Prez has yet to check in on his CT Chapter (Vintage Division or VD for short) brother. Well maybe this Saturday at CCCMX's OP.  I do guess it works in reverse also, so a trip to M.I.R.A.'s  will have to happen soon, I mean we all long (as in island) to see mecca.
So its on to OP at my home track then its time to frame the old girls and focus on my winter activity, Playing in the Cosmos!

Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: September 23, 2020, 02:32:42 PM »
Returning to normal. That's what it felt like this past weekend at the Northeast Vet Championship at the Wick 338. It was an over nighter for me and Toots, days of preparation after a Monday ride day came together Friday and after a pre travel traffic anxiety tantrum (thanks for forgiving me Toots) we had a pleasant traffic free trip throuh the city up to the Wick. We pitted with our friends The Brit, his wife lisa, My mentor Gino, and JoJo and his wife kim.
 Saturday night was about fine cider good stories and campfires. It was extra special to catch up with the Oracle (Gino), it had been about a year since we last were able to get together. Miss the conversations we have. The night was cold with temps dropping into the lower 30's, but race day turned out to be pleasantly cool and breezy. The track was perfect and the racing intense with a touch of veteran class. I had a blast on the venerable 1990 CR 125R in both the Vintage open and the open 125 classes. The benefit of this event is the who's who of the Northeast's legendary vet riders. To name them all would take up its own paragraph, so lets just say the only ones not to attend were Doug Henry due to injury and Tony lorusso  and Pat Barton.
 I'm honestly sad to see this season wind down, it feels like it never began, but there is always next season full of promise and intrigue as we pick up the pieces of 2020 and restart our moto lives.


Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: September 07, 2020, 05:10:42 AM »
Finally! Finally, after what had seemed to be an eternity, a race to attend. The Unadilla MX rewind to be eaxact, or as they renamed it the vintage mx regional. The latter being named due in part to a revised format because of promoter (ACR) cancellation and the fact that a majority of vintage brethren could not attend due to hot state status. Toots and I arrived on Friday afternoon as the hare-scramble had concluded and practice was underway for the grass track event. Next year I will partake in this event as the track layout had changed an was definitely much more appealing. Covid rules for parking were strict but by not having instruction as to where I could park, I got a great spot for my mate Jason and myself by the mercy of the track official. Thanks again my friend.
 Jason arrived with special guest, Unadilla mayor, living legend, team crew chief and friend Jo Jo Keller. A great  guy with an amazing sense of humor and all things moto. Lots of New England regulars showed up. Legend Jim Meenan, Jimbo from#oldmenthatusedtorace, Jeff Martell, Chris Gleebus, Johnny Deane, Brook Roberts (10x novice champion) etc.
 Saturday was a single class entry in the open 90-99 class rain was predicted and was in full mud prep, but never came. I raced the 1990 Honda CR 125R and she performed flawlessly. I raced to 4-4 score for 4th OA. Jay was Top three in his class.
 Sunday started with the word at chapel service ant some hot coffees. The 93 Honda CR 125R was the machine this day. My classes were separated by only 1 class and the start of the schedule. I raced the 125 B 90s and 50 plus disc brake B classes. the kids smoked me in the 125 class first moto. I managed to win the 50plus class moto 1 over a tenacious Fred Edmunds from NY. Got smoked by the kids again in the 2nd 125 moto and had a good crash as I lost my nose coming down a freshly watered section of the track. I was banged up a bit on my left side, too a knock to my left wrist. the bike was undamaged so I pulled it together and went to the the line for 50 plus B moto 2. Again I battled with Edmonds, both of us sending it as best we could. I managed to narrowly squeak out the victory over Edmunds in a back and forth 5 lap frenzy. The Unadilla MX rewind is the grand daddy event of the year and to take home the gold was the crowning jewel in a strange year. One event down one to go

Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: August 17, 2020, 04:27:54 PM »
Covid?, what covid? Unfortunately I see the effects from this type of flu first hand, but I have to say that its affect on me has been extremely minimal. Thanks to our father the Lord Jesus and the fact that I am not a social seeker needing to be seen, my life is status quo. Our fellow man has been extremely ridiculous by shutting the local tracks down (some still) thinking that moto is a large gathering of idiots waiting to break the rules, the majority of us will gladly social distance from one another as long as we get race and ride. Having said that and with racing returning and OPs in full swing, life has been good.
 Me and Toots have been hitting the local scene and preparing for the two races still on the calendar That I have been looking forward to the most. The Unadilla MX Rewind and the North east Vet Championship at the wick. Dilla is going to be amazing, but the wick is still a mystery as the have not posted the class structure yet. The Inaugural race as well as last year they had a vintage class and a 125 race so I dont see why they would leave those out, but until its posted I wont know for sure. Either way I will attend and put my old girls through their paces. So Im off to the beach with Toots this weekend then its off to the races.

Photo Cred Aaron Foley 

Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: July 26, 2020, 04:23:10 PM »
It amazes me how different a track can be when you have a different organization riding at that venue. Case in point the wick this past Saturday. was in town to have OP and race event over the weekend. I was supposed to meet up with my friend Angelo for the first time this year and catch up on lost time , but his work had other plans. oh well maybe soon. Well any way, the New Yacka's seem to ride mostly hard pack and that is how to best describe the lines that formed on the track. I know that may sound weird, but having logged countless laps at this venue I can tell the difference in how the track shaped up.
 The MSC majority were riding the struggle bus and let me tell you it was packed up tight. I felt like I was in the  Benny Hill show watching the antics of these riders, it was a sight to see from my on the track experience let me tell ya. It was a fun day overall and my trusty 90 was up to the challenge until discussing tire pressure with my pit neighbor and informing him that you can get a puncture here, that I suffered a rear puncture at the end of my fourth session. So I busted out the 93 for the final session. Saw a solid amount of old girls being put through their paces. Some in beautiful livery and some down right horror shows, but to each his own. Now a little weekend retreat with Toots before attending an op at

Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: July 21, 2020, 03:47:49 PM »
Me and Toots (my pit tootsie) took an overnight excursion up the back roads of new england to to do some riding at a cool track and to fellowship with my long time friend Jay.  Now i have just recently purchased a van to do this type of van jam and I'll tell you if only my mind was clearer all those years after I sold my last van (1994?). Like the $stroke purchased late last year, I realized after the fact as to what Ive sold out for. Most people my age are RV-ing their way around the country.
Toots and myself plan on van jamming up and down the east coast to take in the championship and whatever else may intrigue  us along the way as a way of enjoying each others company for an extended weekend holiday once a month from April til September. I tell you how blessed i am to have her in my life at such a time, as we will both be new to this adventure and have not been burned out from the constant grind that a local series can present. Toots is the consummate moto companion there to do all she can to make it a successful trip. Never needing to have me ask her for help as she seems to know what i need before my need arises. What a woman.
These short trips over night are preparing us for the future. They have been fulfilling and fun, shoot she even put up with the little wobbly I threw when the GPS went wonky lol. In the end there was great riding , pleasant fellowship and  new experiences to grow fond of.
It will be off to The wick this weekend for some sand surfing  With Toots and my good friend Angelo, not an overnight but another new experience Im sure.

Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: July 16, 2020, 01:31:36 PM »
As I sit home Pondering whats to become of the vintage race season, I see that ACR has cancelled the entire 2020 calendar. They even backed out of the rewind partnership with PVR. The rewind is still scheduled to happen (thank God), but with many changes in format I suspect. That leaves the only other event, besides any MSC races which do not coincide with my schedule, to attend. So I wait and ride OP's until we race. I am however actually enjoying the lack of motocross at the moment, there seems to no rush or commitment about the days I have away from the professional circuit and thinking if it wasn't for the GP's having two-stroke championships I would probably cancel that subscription as I did with the american series. I just don't care about the professional stuff as i once did. It seems to just get in the way as of now.
 I'm not sure why, but I feel as though all this overly marketed and overly produced pro racing has stolen motocross's true innocence from me, trying to make me feel inferior and incomplete without it. Im over it. I just want to caravan with my pit tootsie and ride the old girls that bring me joy, hang out with my friends and rubber neck when I see a sweet old girl being whipped out for all our viewing remembrance pleasure


Vintage Two Strokes / The _X_ Blog
« on: July 05, 2020, 02:11:46 PM »
As I re-enter the 2tak life I hold so dear I find myself making changes to my routine also. That is why I have chosen to blog here in the vintage section of the forum, this is where I belong. I have had modern two's, even stumbled and bought a modern Four, but my heart and soul lye with super-evo bikes of the early 90s. 1990 is when I discovered motocross, well supercross anyway. I was fresh out of high school working at the local ship yard on night shift and wondering if this was to be my life until I was to retire. Just work a mediocre job and retire. that is until one night as I sat on my bed flipping through channels, I discovered the coolest most aggressively beautiful sport on ESPN. Motocross/Supercross.
 The next Saturday I was at my local shop (still loyal to this day) buying the last 1990 KX 125 in the shop. It was my calling. I was horrible for quite some time (some say I still am) always crashing unable to judge distances due to poor depth perception and an astigmatism( too many concussions playing HS foolsball) that I would get sorted years later. Heck, I didnt know any better on account that I grew up semi feral.
 So these 30 years later I find myself still in love with these old bikes, the two stroke is the best machine for me and I know how special they are by the amount of attention they get. More so the old girls, but lets face it there is some thing special about sound and smells of 2tak motocross.   

General Two Stroke Talk / Race Report: ACR The Wick 338 08/03/2019
« on: August 05, 2019, 06:51:13 PM »
Ever had a family reunion where every one got along? Everyone looked forward to seeing one another? Or, where the high priest of moto attended? I didn't think so, cause there's only one reunion like that and it happens at The Wick 338 hosted by ACR!

All the families of M.I.R.A. were represented. There were the L.I. Chapter members: The Prez, the Oracle, Dead baby, the Mulry boys, a couple others (there were a lot of those kooks ok, forgive me) and the exalted high preist of Moto. There was the CT Chapter of The Dingo (the ladies really like him) and the Masshole Chapter of Mikey nice and his beautiful wife and finally representing the British Chapter by way of Plymouth rock (where else would the British Chapter reside here in the good ol U.S.A baby?), the Ambassador and his equally as beautiful wife Lisa.   

The Dingos war machine

After much hugs, kisses and general ass grabs and put downs we made our way out to practice. OK, practice sucked! After days of no rain the track crew decide to drench the track with there "watering system" and make puddles on several sections of the track. This I dont like, So upon returning to the pits I decide it best to throw a cuss laden wobbly for the duration of the following practice until I ran out of expletives to describe my displeasure. I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Ambassador as he launched his mighty CR 500 past me down this small hill into a deep right hand berm, with that deep throaty bark only a 500 can make he was gone.   

The moment I said who's this F@ck coming by in practice

The first of my motos was Vintage 90s B. Most of M.I.R.A. were in this one albeit the A gate drop.
 I managed a good start for once and came out in 5th heading up to what used to be the hill to the frog pond. Then I passed two riders in the charge up the hill, Then it was on an all out war between my 125, a 250 and 500 for moto victory. We stayed in close until a turn before white flag that the leader on the 500 fell. I knew i had to stretch the cable in order to catch the 250 leader, so i did and coming out of the woods section to the S-turns I overtook the 250 by railing the outside and closing the door on the inside of the next right hander. The moto was mine! P1.

The start vintage 90s B

Next moto was moto 6 on the order, 125 two stroke, this left little time for prep so no bench racing. down to the line after some goggle prep and a swig of butters creamy goo. Gate drop, good start, had no idea who i was battling with or what position i was in as it was a mixed single drop with 250 two stoke class as well. Rode well had fun and ended up wining the class some how. P1

Third moto of first half was moto 9, 125 GP & 80s 125 GP. I had the pleasure of watching The Prez battle it out in the open GP for a P3 in the race before mine. At the gate drop I launched into turn 1 and made some moves up to Friend Mulry, I made a move on him and tried to get away, I raced forward with this kid #55, and just when I thought i had made the pass stick on the last lap, he made a sneaky move up the inside! But wait! it was so sneaky it wasnt  #55 at all! IT WAS MULRY! Damn it! We raced inches apart to the checkers with Mulry taking victory. Good thing he was in a different class, but was a great moto with a great competitor. Good job Brian.

The Mulry boys war wagon

The Second Vintage 90's B moto went like this, watched start of A gate. Oracle pulls the holey over The Ambassador. My gate drops, I come out behind the same two competitors, only the 250 rider drops it in the woods section and I rail past the 500 rider along the outside of the fence line heading for the finish line. Once past I turn it till it stops and cruise to an other moto win! 1-1 baby! 

Moto 2 of 125 race was Identical to the first, although i wasnt happy with my riding. I made too many mistakes. 1-1 here as well.

After watching the Prez battle it out again, Moto 2 125 GP and another great start behind Mulry. We battled it out for a couple laps and was able to overtake him. I tried to push for the win, but fell over after losing my nose in the s turns. Mulry and the 250 kid from Vintage 90s went by, but no one else. it took time to regroup and I was able to maintain that position for a 3-3 on the day. Another great moto Brian!

That about sums it up TSM another great race day with M.I.R.A. The wick 338 and ACR. Till Next Time!

Images from the days race:
The Oracle at work

The Ambassador at work

The exalted High Priest and the Prez's War wager

Mikey Nice Bikes

Stevie V

The LISC contingent

Harley Man 1%

Weird Larry

some bikes in the pits

How it ends

It hasn't been a year filled with much memories it seems. Its been a season without close friends it seems, therefore it was a blessing when one of my best mates attended this OP specifically to hang out and make it memorable.

I met Paul in 2013 maybe, I'm bad with dates, but it was my return to NESC racing and we were competitors in the Same classes and became best friends in the pits. His family became my family and lived through each others highs and lows along with our Sons. Its been a chore to find time to ride together as our schedules and priority's are so different now that I have left the modern racing scene. Hes a two stroke Guy with a a KX 500 and a KX 250. He also runs a 450 in the modern classes when hes not racing the same class as his son. I understand the reasoning so all is forgiven. 

Paul and his KX 250

Despite not having much time to fill in all the gaps, we did catch up on the important things in our lives and we had a blast out on the track. There's  just this easy feeling all day when your friends are with you and this day was easy. Thanks Paul, always a treat when you're around.

Till next time TSM!

this bike caught my eye

The problem with taking a couple weeks off from riding is injuries, no not the type that occur from riding the bike, but that from which you do prior to riding said bike.

Here I am being responsible, taking a couple weeks off to get things accomplished that I otherwise wouldn't because I would be riding and when the day comes to enjoy some well deserved therapy, I jack my back. WTF!
 Now I'm a routine orientated guy, stick with what works, right? Right. Somehow this went wrong. You see MY morning ride day routine ends with a quick jog around the neighborhood to get mt body accustomed to what is to come. Sounds easy enough, thats until I put a heal wrong and feel an all too familiar jolt in the lower lumbar that makes you go hmmmmm.

I was not about to let this stop me and made the rip to the Wick despite the discomfort, I mean I have put in a thousand laps at the wick and how rough could it get anyway? Well, rough enough to pull that side leg off the peg and exasperate the whole situation further. Sheeesh! I just want to relax buy torturing myself here, I dont need added torture. Needless to say I could only handle four sessions, but I did ride decently in all regards and I was on the bike so not a waste by any means. I will just be dropping the routine jog from here on out.
Till next time TSM
            The Dingo

Bikes that caught my eye
The TM belongs to this Aussie Collin, a good bloke. Its a 300
The Husqy 500 belongs to Pete and the 571 KTM is my friend Shanes'

Have you ever been so pumped about riding that self tries to talk you out of it? Well, thats what happened to to me This past weekend.

Its Wednesday, I'm heading to my brothers for an informal (not that we red carpet any shitding) family dinner , when it hits me, I'm recently divorced, my son has moved out, I have no date lined up, why stay home and do chores when I can do what ever the "F" I want? Right? Damn right! I'm going riding Saturday!
 Well here come Friday afternoon and along with it, Self. Now don't get me wrong, Self is usually a cool go with the flow type a dude, but for some reason , Self tried to throw a wrench into my works for the weekend and he almost, almost, had me convinced that I should stay home.
 That is until Saturday morning. After doing some of those chores Self appointed me to do, I sat down to catch the Twostroke race at the Russian GP. While watching the 2tak GP, I started plotting against Self. Self was unaware of what Me and I were up to, he was too busy admiring how wonderful the house looked after the chores he made me do. As soon as the race ended, I yelled to Self. "Self" I said, "Self, Go "F" yourself, ME and I are going riding!" Before Self could respond, ME and I had the truck loaded and we were down the road. "have a pleasant day A-Hole"
 Now don't worry about Self, hes a big boy. Besides, he would have been a third wheel anyhow.   

When I arrived at the track, I was pleased to see this guy Pete at sign in. I met him last year through a mutual friend Matt (who rides for the the Galactic Empire). He's a vet A rider with a bitchin TC 250. Matt was there as well so I would have companions as the rest of M.I.R.A. were stuck on the Island this day (Although The Oracle made it to Central Sunday I had no time to visit as Self had put me to work again). As for the Prez?, what we don't know is better for when the Feds interrogate us. 

It was a gorgeous day, the track was perfect and me, Matt and Pete moto'd it out for four sessions and had a blast! Up yours Self!
 Throughout the day I received many a compliment, usually like "Man, you friggin rip on that thing!" or "Thats a one two five?!"/ It feels good when i get this feed back from our peers. It reinforces that the hard work I'm putting in off the bike is paying off. So thank you everyone that were so kind to offer up the compliments and thanks TSM for this platform to express my feelings about the bikes and motor-sport that I love.

Till next time TSM!
The Dingo

Some bikes that caught my eye

Pete's TC and Matt's unmentionable behind

General Two Stroke Talk / Race report THE Wick 338 05/26/2019
« on: June 02, 2019, 04:47:22 PM »

When a six week layoff ended with OP the day before it was time to get serious and represent M.I.R.A. in some MSC ( vintage race action!

MSC is cool due to the fact that they have Two-stroke specific classes (125 and Open) and vintage classes. The uncool thing about MSC at the wick is you get three laps. This puts a premium on starts and we all know Im a holeshot artist. Yeah right. 

My plan was simple, race the venerable 1990 Honda CR 125R in both the vintage 80's and vintage 90's get the holeshot in each moto and wax them NY bums! well it didn't exactly go to plan.

Moto 1 vintage 90's: last into turn one, made quick work of all but the top two by end of lap 1, had a dog fight with ol 97 and this little rippa snappa 209. 209 got by 97 and the dude held me up a bit. by the time I got around 97 and made time on the rippa snappa the race was over. Man, I needed that 4th lap.

Moto 1 vintage 80's: Another patented Noshot. luckily the class is made up of burn outs and dip shits so it was no issue getting into P2. The issue was with some of the spodes in the Y2K class talk about outta control, I bet there is a picture of these guys in the dictionary next to the word dangerous. To say the held me up is an understatement, but you have to be cautious around these types. I did close on the leader but he had a good straightaway on by the time the checkers fell.

Moto 2 vintage 90's: Alright, I was focused and I knew that these chumps were gonna pucker "cause of how rough it is" pffft , rough, you New Yaka's aint seen NESC 2nd Half rough so quit ya crying, the track is like after NESC practice OK boys. with that in mind I knew the start was going to be important. I did better, at least I got to the inside with no one in front. I knew there was a smooth line approaching the drop off after the first turn cause The Prez told me about it the day before. All i had to do was wheelie over this hump and it was full gas up the inside. This line set me up to close the door on the all but one rider a the top of the hill, ol 97.
 I was nipping at the heels of ol 97 like a Dingo on a wounded Roo and once this Dingo starts, best just let him finish( Christmas vacation reference there). It was after the camel hump where ol 97 made his fatal mistake. After hesitantly choosing which line to take and me behind him eager to go where he wasn't, he chose the outside. HHHHMMMM fine with me, I put the front wheel to the inside berm and wound the ol girl up and into the drop off I had 3/4 a bike on him, coming out I moved over on him and put the hammer down. By the time the checkers fell, I had built a massive lead and I represented M.I.R.A. well. Victory in vintage 90's!

ol 97 " has no idea whats behind him" ( The Prez )

Moto 2 vintage 80's: Scratched- I had enough for one weekend.

Well this only one of the many good times we Brethren of TSM had this Memorial day weekend, hope you enjoyed yours!
Till next time TSM!
The Dingo

There is something to be said about being in a gang. That feeling family, self worth and of course fancy new nicknames. I thought my life was for filled until I met the Prez and was welcomed into M.I.R.A. now my life has no meaning, no purpose and lacking of substance, but you know what? I F-ing love it! 

So, with that being said, I met up with the Prez early Saturday morning to represent the debauchery that is M.I.R.A. and surf some sand for a bit. It was just an ordinary , typical type OP, until the Prez knocked my wig back
 upon returning from one of the sessions. He had some how hidden the fact that his Husqy TC 250 was not only a bonafide race weapon, but also a loom! His bike can spin the finest of yarn, I mean his loom makes Rumple Stilzkin froth at the mouth in sight of it. It is spectacular believe me. How he spun the southwick sand into a fine Kawasaki chiffon I'll never know, but he and it did.

The Prez at work with his Husqy TC250 Loom edition

the fruit of the Loom

That was only a portion of the debauchery. there is also this doof that frequents the local tracks and is a genuine fake of all fakes. He loves to say high and proceed to tell you how wonderful and cool, fast , a "PRO", etc. he is. He is known to me as the practice track hero a real looser and I cut him short with every opportunity he gives me and believe me he gives me plenty. Anyway, he has bought a Honda 250 twostroke and I really don't give a shit. I saw it and if I cared I would have acknowledged it, but I don't and I didn't. Well, he had to come over to me and proceed to say " Hey Brian,(in his stupid ass voice) What do you think of my new toy!?" to which I replied, " what makes you think I give a shit?" to any normal person this would be the end of the conversation, but he is far from normal and couldn't take the hint, so he stood there akwardly conversing with his equally retarded buddy Ias I ignored them and eventually he prodded off and I got to tell the Prez of my encounter. After a brief reflection, the Prez had anointed him "Doughy" . lol to add insult to injury while we headed down for our session, we saw Doughy's new toy being loaded onto the tow trailer for a lift back to the "pro" pits. Lets face it, his new toy clearly doesn't like him either.

So after a few more epic battle sessions the Prez and i called it a day, Till next time TSM!
THE DINGO (see Doughy wasn't the only one with a new nick name)

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