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The _X_ Blog
« on: August 17, 2020, 04:27:54 PM »
Covid?, what covid? Unfortunately I see the effects from this type of flu first hand, but I have to say that its affect on me has been extremely minimal. Thanks to our father the Lord Jesus and the fact that I am not a social seeker needing to be seen, my life is status quo. Our fellow man has been extremely ridiculous by shutting the local tracks down (some still) thinking that moto is a large gathering of idiots waiting to break the rules, the majority of us will gladly social distance from one another as long as we get race and ride. Having said that and with racing returning and OPs in full swing, life has been good.
 Me and Toots have been hitting the local scene and preparing for the two races still on the calendar That I have been looking forward to the most. The Unadilla MX Rewind and the North east Vet Championship at the wick. Dilla is going to be amazing, but the wick is still a mystery as the have not posted the class structure yet. The Inaugural race as well as last year they had a vintage class and a 125 race so I dont see why they would leave those out, but until its posted I wont know for sure. Either way I will attend and put my old girls through their paces. So Im off to the beach with Toots this weekend then its off to the races.

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