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The _X_ Blog
« on: September 23, 2020, 02:32:42 PM »
Returning to normal. That's what it felt like this past weekend at the Northeast Vet Championship at the Wick 338. It was an over nighter for me and Toots, days of preparation after a Monday ride day came together Friday and after a pre travel traffic anxiety tantrum (thanks for forgiving me Toots) we had a pleasant traffic free trip throuh the city up to the Wick. We pitted with our friends The Brit, his wife lisa, My mentor Gino, and JoJo and his wife kim.
 Saturday night was about fine cider good stories and campfires. It was extra special to catch up with the Oracle (Gino), it had been about a year since we last were able to get together. Miss the conversations we have. The night was cold with temps dropping into the lower 30's, but race day turned out to be pleasantly cool and breezy. The track was perfect and the racing intense with a touch of veteran class. I had a blast on the venerable 1990 CR 125R in both the Vintage open and the open 125 classes. The benefit of this event is the who's who of the Northeast's legendary vet riders. To name them all would take up its own paragraph, so lets just say the only ones not to attend were Doug Henry due to injury and Tony lorusso  and Pat Barton.
 I'm honestly sad to see this season wind down, it feels like it never began, but there is always next season full of promise and intrigue as we pick up the pieces of 2020 and restart our moto lives.