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The _X_ Blog
« on: July 05, 2020, 02:11:46 PM »
As I re-enter the 2tak life I hold so dear I find myself making changes to my routine also. That is why I have chosen to blog here in the vintage section of the forum, this is where I belong. I have had modern two's, even stumbled and bought a modern Four, but my heart and soul lye with super-evo bikes of the early 90s. 1990 is when I discovered motocross, well supercross anyway. I was fresh out of high school working at the local ship yard on night shift and wondering if this was to be my life until I was to retire. Just work a mediocre job and retire. that is until one night as I sat on my bed flipping through channels, I discovered the coolest most aggressively beautiful sport on ESPN. Motocross/Supercross.
 The next Saturday I was at my local shop (still loyal to this day) buying the last 1990 KX 125 in the shop. It was my calling. I was horrible for quite some time (some say I still am) always crashing unable to judge distances due to poor depth perception and an astigmatism( too many concussions playing HS foolsball) that I would get sorted years later. Heck, I didnt know any better on account that I grew up semi feral.
 So these 30 years later I find myself still in love with these old bikes, the two stroke is the best machine for me and I know how special they are by the amount of attention they get. More so the old girls, but lets face it there is some thing special about sound and smells of 2tak motocross.