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The _X_ Blog
« on: July 26, 2020, 04:23:10 PM »
It amazes me how different a track can be when you have a different organization riding at that venue. Case in point the wick this past Saturday. was in town to have OP and race event over the weekend. I was supposed to meet up with my friend Angelo for the first time this year and catch up on lost time , but his work had other plans. oh well maybe soon. Well any way, the New Yacka's seem to ride mostly hard pack and that is how to best describe the lines that formed on the track. I know that may sound weird, but having logged countless laps at this venue I can tell the difference in how the track shaped up.
 The MSC majority were riding the struggle bus and let me tell you it was packed up tight. I felt like I was in the  Benny Hill show watching the antics of these riders, it was a sight to see from my on the track experience let me tell ya. It was a fun day overall and my trusty 90 was up to the challenge until discussing tire pressure with my pit neighbor and informing him that you can get a puncture here, that I suffered a rear puncture at the end of my fourth session. So I busted out the 93 for the final session. Saw a solid amount of old girls being put through their paces. Some in beautiful livery and some down right horror shows, but to each his own. Now a little weekend retreat with Toots before attending an op at