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The _X_ Blog
« on: July 21, 2020, 03:47:49 PM »
Me and Toots (my pit tootsie) took an overnight excursion up the back roads of new england to to do some riding at a cool track and to fellowship with my long time friend Jay.  Now i have just recently purchased a van to do this type of van jam and I'll tell you if only my mind was clearer all those years after I sold my last van (1994?). Like the $stroke purchased late last year, I realized after the fact as to what Ive sold out for. Most people my age are RV-ing their way around the country.
Toots and myself plan on van jamming up and down the east coast to take in the championship and whatever else may intrigue  us along the way as a way of enjoying each others company for an extended weekend holiday once a month from April til September. I tell you how blessed i am to have her in my life at such a time, as we will both be new to this adventure and have not been burned out from the constant grind that a local series can present. Toots is the consummate moto companion there to do all she can to make it a successful trip. Never needing to have me ask her for help as she seems to know what i need before my need arises. What a woman.
These short trips over night are preparing us for the future. They have been fulfilling and fun, shoot she even put up with the little wobbly I threw when the GPS went wonky lol. In the end there was great riding , pleasant fellowship and  new experiences to grow fond of.
It will be off to The wick this weekend for some sand surfing  With Toots and my good friend Angelo, not an overnight but another new experience Im sure.