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The _X_ Blog
« on: September 07, 2020, 05:10:42 AM »
Finally! Finally, after what had seemed to be an eternity, a race to attend. The Unadilla MX rewind to be eaxact, or as they renamed it the vintage mx regional. The latter being named due in part to a revised format because of promoter (ACR) cancellation and the fact that a majority of vintage brethren could not attend due to hot state status. Toots and I arrived on Friday afternoon as the hare-scramble had concluded and practice was underway for the grass track event. Next year I will partake in this event as the track layout had changed an was definitely much more appealing. Covid rules for parking were strict but by not having instruction as to where I could park, I got a great spot for my mate Jason and myself by the mercy of the track official. Thanks again my friend.
 Jason arrived with special guest, Unadilla mayor, living legend, team crew chief and friend Jo Jo Keller. A great  guy with an amazing sense of humor and all things moto. Lots of New England regulars showed up. Legend Jim Meenan, Jimbo from#oldmenthatusedtorace, Jeff Martell, Chris Gleebus, Johnny Deane, Brook Roberts (10x novice champion) etc.
 Saturday was a single class entry in the open 90-99 class rain was predicted and was in full mud prep, but never came. I raced the 1990 Honda CR 125R and she performed flawlessly. I raced to 4-4 score for 4th OA. Jay was Top three in his class.
 Sunday started with the word at chapel service ant some hot coffees. The 93 Honda CR 125R was the machine this day. My classes were separated by only 1 class and the start of the schedule. I raced the 125 B 90s and 50 plus disc brake B classes. the kids smoked me in the 125 class first moto. I managed to win the 50plus class moto 1 over a tenacious Fred Edmunds from NY. Got smoked by the kids again in the 2nd 125 moto and had a good crash as I lost my nose coming down a freshly watered section of the track. I was banged up a bit on my left side, too a knock to my left wrist. the bike was undamaged so I pulled it together and went to the the line for 50 plus B moto 2. Again I battled with Edmonds, both of us sending it as best we could. I managed to narrowly squeak out the victory over Edmunds in a back and forth 5 lap frenzy. The Unadilla MX rewind is the grand daddy event of the year and to take home the gold was the crowning jewel in a strange year. One event down one to go

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