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Author Topic: Race Report: ACR The Wick 338 08/03/2019  (Read 732 times)

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Race Report: ACR The Wick 338 08/03/2019
« on: August 05, 2019, 06:51:13 PM »
Ever had a family reunion where every one got along? Everyone looked forward to seeing one another? Or, where the high priest of moto attended? I didn't think so, cause there's only one reunion like that and it happens at The Wick 338 hosted by ACR!

All the families of M.I.R.A. were represented. There were the L.I. Chapter members: The Prez, the Oracle, Dead baby, the Mulry boys, a couple others (there were a lot of those kooks ok, forgive me) and the exalted high preist of Moto. There was the CT Chapter of The Dingo (the ladies really like him) and the Masshole Chapter of Mikey nice and his beautiful wife and finally representing the British Chapter by way of Plymouth rock (where else would the British Chapter reside here in the good ol U.S.A baby?), the Ambassador and his equally as beautiful wife Lisa.   

The Dingos war machine

After much hugs, kisses and general ass grabs and put downs we made our way out to practice. OK, practice sucked! After days of no rain the track crew decide to drench the track with there "watering system" and make puddles on several sections of the track. This I dont like, So upon returning to the pits I decide it best to throw a cuss laden wobbly for the duration of the following practice until I ran out of expletives to describe my displeasure. I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Ambassador as he launched his mighty CR 500 past me down this small hill into a deep right hand berm, with that deep throaty bark only a 500 can make he was gone.   

The moment I said who's this F@ck coming by in practice

The first of my motos was Vintage 90s B. Most of M.I.R.A. were in this one albeit the A gate drop.
 I managed a good start for once and came out in 5th heading up to what used to be the hill to the frog pond. Then I passed two riders in the charge up the hill, Then it was on an all out war between my 125, a 250 and 500 for moto victory. We stayed in close until a turn before white flag that the leader on the 500 fell. I knew i had to stretch the cable in order to catch the 250 leader, so i did and coming out of the woods section to the S-turns I overtook the 250 by railing the outside and closing the door on the inside of the next right hander. The moto was mine! P1.

The start vintage 90s B

Next moto was moto 6 on the order, 125 two stroke, this left little time for prep so no bench racing. down to the line after some goggle prep and a swig of butters creamy goo. Gate drop, good start, had no idea who i was battling with or what position i was in as it was a mixed single drop with 250 two stoke class as well. Rode well had fun and ended up wining the class some how. P1

Third moto of first half was moto 9, 125 GP & 80s 125 GP. I had the pleasure of watching The Prez battle it out in the open GP for a P3 in the race before mine. At the gate drop I launched into turn 1 and made some moves up to Friend Mulry, I made a move on him and tried to get away, I raced forward with this kid #55, and just when I thought i had made the pass stick on the last lap, he made a sneaky move up the inside! But wait! it was so sneaky it wasnt  #55 at all! IT WAS MULRY! Damn it! We raced inches apart to the checkers with Mulry taking victory. Good thing he was in a different class, but was a great moto with a great competitor. Good job Brian.

The Mulry boys war wagon

The Second Vintage 90's B moto went like this, watched start of A gate. Oracle pulls the holey over The Ambassador. My gate drops, I come out behind the same two competitors, only the 250 rider drops it in the woods section and I rail past the 500 rider along the outside of the fence line heading for the finish line. Once past I turn it till it stops and cruise to an other moto win! 1-1 baby! 

Moto 2 of 125 race was Identical to the first, although i wasnt happy with my riding. I made too many mistakes. 1-1 here as well.

After watching the Prez battle it out again, Moto 2 125 GP and another great start behind Mulry. We battled it out for a couple laps and was able to overtake him. I tried to push for the win, but fell over after losing my nose in the s turns. Mulry and the 250 kid from Vintage 90s went by, but no one else. it took time to regroup and I was able to maintain that position for a 3-3 on the day. Another great moto Brian!

That about sums it up TSM another great race day with M.I.R.A. The wick 338 and ACR. Till Next Time!

Images from the days race:
The Oracle at work

The Ambassador at work

The exalted High Priest and the Prez's War wager

Mikey Nice Bikes

Stevie V

The LISC contingent

Harley Man 1%

Weird Larry

some bikes in the pits

How it ends

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Re: Race Report: ACR The Wick 338 08/03/2019
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 07:27:47 AM »
Well Done!!!.... well done.
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