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Author Topic: racer x race report 7/21/18 NESC 60th anniversary @ Crow Hill MX  (Read 338 times)

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Remember those early days of youth when you meet up with buddies at the local sand pit and you would all moto down with the other kids that showed up too, sharing laughs and punctual jabs at one another and just genuinely just having a care free time with only nightfall ruining your day of riding?  Well so do I, so much so that this past Saturday thanks to all that made it happen, I was transported back to that sand pit of old.

In 2015 I made the decision to step away from NESC and only race selected events such as The Wick or Crow hill due to a moment I had during a race that made me realize I needed to slow down and not race in such a competitive environment.  In steps vintage racing and the fun to the hilt, no nonsense, relaxed type of racing.

The original plan was to race ACR at Binghamton the week before this event , but when I had seen this on the calendar it was a no brainer.  one and a half hour drive compared to a 4 and a half hour drive. Free compared to an $80 dollar race day. Same amount of fun, both tracks I do enjoy.

The schedule was cool, I was eligible for three 20 minute practices and 2 race classes. OK really only 1 due to the class structure but regardless I was going to race the '75 to '85 class on my 1990 Honda. I made this known to the officials and they were cool with it as there was less than 20 riders signed up for that class.

Practices were amazing! I had a good feeling with the bike and rode two of the three in full and half the final practice, so within 2 hours I had 50 minutes of track time with back to back races to go. The first race was the pre '75 class with me boy the Brit taking second mainly due to him needing a eight inch pad taped to the top of his boot because no one told him the ol CZed shift throw was a good  ten inches and his inability to get the old horse into the proper gear was his un doing.

My race came two motos after. I gated well and lined up next to the Brit and to my surprise  leapt past him and his '79 CR 250 out of the gate. As we rocketed down the start straight into the left hander he came by me on the outside. That was it though as Jason is faster than me on just about any bike out there. As the Brit chased podium glory , I was engaged in my own battle  with CR 480 dude and this little rippa snappa  on an 85 KX 125. I slotted in 5th behind the 480 where me and the rippa snappa traded positions for 2 laps until he zapped the 480 rider and pulled a small gap. It took me longer to dispatch the 480 rider. Basically he tired and handed me the position down a long straight into a right hander (see link for race footage). After I cleared the 480, I set out after the rippa snappa. I cut into the gap a bit, but was never close enough to even think about making a move. So I ended up 5th with the Brit and my friend Jeff  finishing on the box .

I pulled off the track and headed back to the gate for race 2, open two stroke , hoping to find them ready to drop the gate. To my dismay they hadn't even began gating anyone, instead there were some debates as to how they were going to run this class. It appears that there were a few whiney bitches with 125s crying about fairness and such! These bitches wanted a head start. This went on for a good 10 minutes, until me, adrenaline and heart rate decreasing, decided to start raising my voice and  letting everyone how I felt about  a double gate. Class says open two stroke, to me that means one gate. Begrudgingly the bitches conceded and we took our spots on the gate. I gated well but had a poor start and when we reached the sand section I met a wall of dust and backed off as there is a 50' table shortly there after. Being delayed really took its toll on my endurance so I decided to just cruise and pick off riders safely until the checkers fell.

To say I had blast would be an understatement, it was an amazing day That I will cherish forever. Good friends dirtbikes and that sand pit vibe was enough to make it one of my favorite days on dirtbike yet and I've been at this for almost thirty years. Hell, not even the 125 bitches could ruin a day like this.
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