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Author Topic: A poll I came across about 2 stroke & 4 strokes from a signature on vital  (Read 1043 times)

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The question about class requirements had an interestingly high percentage of a stupid response
125cc 2st / 250cc 2st / 250cc 4st / OPEN anything goes   was my answer but I think there should be a 450cc 4st class

if it were my decision to make it would be: under 200cc 2st & 249cc 4st / over 201cc 2st & 250cc 4st up to 349 cc either / OPEN / Unlimited
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It seems most answers were for 2 stroke, so hopefully this will be presented to the ama/big four/haters, who should take note, and with regards to classes, i think 125, 250 and open would be the best, let manufacturers get imaginative in the open class and have exciting racing in the other classes, but i doubt anything will change  ::)