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The _X_ Blog
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:08:01 PM »
With the season on the penultimate lap and the seasons change still holding on to summers golden rays I am satisfied with how this riding season has turned out. I was able to attend both available events that remained on my calendar as well as quite a few OP's to boot. This all on two season old Super-evo bikes after deciding that what I thought was gold turned out to be coal.
Buying the modern bike was a lesson in humility, not all pastures are greener or all change is good. Sometimes it is best to meditate long and hard and seek the Lord for guidance. It was an expensive way to find out "what I was missing". Now I can safely say that my soul is better suited for the old girls I grew up racing.
I had an amazing day at the wick with Toots, the Oracle and the Two Viola's. I believe someone has been missed this season... Oh! thats right,  now if memory serves me well M.I.R.A.'s founding father has been absent form the events I've attended! I knew I was feeling a bit rouge this year, the Prez has yet to check in on his CT Chapter (Vintage Division or VD for short) brother. Well maybe this Saturday at CCCMX's OP.  I do guess it works in reverse also, so a trip to M.I.R.A.'s  will have to happen soon, I mean we all long (as in island) to see mecca.
So its on to OP at my home track then its time to frame the old girls and focus on my winter activity, Playing in the Cosmos!