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Author Topic: Race Report: Ariway Heights Class-X  (Read 684 times)

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Race Report: Ariway Heights Class-X
« on: August 08, 2019, 05:40:27 PM »
This past August 3rd Airway Heights Washington hosted Round 3 of the ClassX Motocross Series which ran alongside a normally scheduled Saturday night race.

    The Airway X facility is a top-notch operation, from sign up to the restrooms. There’s an area for kids to play and a safe fenced infield where you can turn them loose to watch.

The staff is friendly, happy to help and safety oriented. If you’ve been there you know, if you haven’t you should go, these folks deserve support and a thank you.
Looking through the pit area one’s eyes were immediately drawn to somewhat out of place 2 strokes from the 80’s and 90’s mingled in amongst the latest high-tech thumpers. The classic machines drew a lot of attention from spectators and racers alike.

   The Revolution 2 Intermediate class (87-96) was made up of Brian Pomeroy, Grant Ellsworth, Larry Sahlie, Justin Purse, and yours truly.

Gates were combined to include Vince Layman in the Y2K 125 class alongside the aforementioned Rev 2 Intermediates, Pro Unlimited along with the 250-450D modern classes.

At first it seemed as perhaps the pressure of lights, crowds, large jumps and being next to modern bikes might take its toll on our crew of “vintage” racers but when the gate dropped it was throttles pinned to the first turn.

Moto 1 was almost a genuine cluster f@#k. The start was terrifying, Larry fell down, Grant lost a chain somehow while trying to avoid him. Brian was gone somewhere up ahead, and I think we all did some goonies and took some hits.

With the first moto jitters out of the way the second moto was an absolute blast with a solid start and some old school air (along with a few mishaps).

The second moto was much more controlled apart from me jumping off track, Grant doing that thing trying to pass me and me going totally Doug Henry off a wall jump in the back.

Grant Transforms into his Alter Ego Ricky Rouge mid race.

Grant blew the corner after that sweet trick and I passed him back but, somehow, he recovered and got back on me and I mistook a wall jump for a table top.

When we got done Grant said something to the effect of watching me send it right in front of him was scarier than him almost going endo. I think one should be allowed a little creative liberty when writing. Too many details would probably deter most people from getting near dirt bikes.

At the checkers it was #57 Brian Pomeroy with the number 1 overall, me #66 in second and #21 Grant Ellsworth taking third (even with the wild Ricky Rouge making an appearance.)

All put in a solid ride showing that 20+ years later these smokers can still be effective and fun weapons.
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Re: Race Report: Ariway Heights Class-X
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2019, 06:35:23 AM »
Excellent report TomH! Love the Hondas,  keep up the contributions brother .