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Author Topic: Practice Track Diaries Crow Hill MX Park 06/08/2019  (Read 710 times)

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Practice Track Diaries Crow Hill MX Park 06/08/2019
« on: June 10, 2019, 04:42:04 PM »
Have you ever been so pumped about riding that self tries to talk you out of it? Well, thats what happened to to me This past weekend.

Its Wednesday, I'm heading to my brothers for an informal (not that we red carpet any shitding) family dinner , when it hits me, I'm recently divorced, my son has moved out, I have no date lined up, why stay home and do chores when I can do what ever the "F" I want? Right? Damn right! I'm going riding Saturday!
 Well here come Friday afternoon and along with it, Self. Now don't get me wrong, Self is usually a cool go with the flow type a dude, but for some reason , Self tried to throw a wrench into my works for the weekend and he almost, almost, had me convinced that I should stay home.
 That is until Saturday morning. After doing some of those chores Self appointed me to do, I sat down to catch the Twostroke race at the Russian GP. While watching the 2tak GP, I started plotting against Self. Self was unaware of what Me and I were up to, he was too busy admiring how wonderful the house looked after the chores he made me do. As soon as the race ended, I yelled to Self. "Self" I said, "Self, Go "F" yourself, ME and I are going riding!" Before Self could respond, ME and I had the truck loaded and we were down the road. "have a pleasant day A-Hole"
 Now don't worry about Self, hes a big boy. Besides, he would have been a third wheel anyhow.   

When I arrived at the track, I was pleased to see this guy Pete at sign in. I met him last year through a mutual friend Matt (who rides for the the Galactic Empire). He's a vet A rider with a bitchin TC 250. Matt was there as well so I would have companions as the rest of M.I.R.A. were stuck on the Island this day (Although The Oracle made it to Central Sunday I had no time to visit as Self had put me to work again). As for the Prez?, what we don't know is better for when the Feds interrogate us. 

It was a gorgeous day, the track was perfect and me, Matt and Pete moto'd it out for four sessions and had a blast! Up yours Self!
 Throughout the day I received many a compliment, usually like "Man, you friggin rip on that thing!" or "Thats a one two five?!"/ It feels good when i get this feed back from our peers. It reinforces that the hard work I'm putting in off the bike is paying off. So thank you everyone that were so kind to offer up the compliments and thanks TSM for this platform to express my feelings about the bikes and motor-sport that I love.

Till next time TSM!
The Dingo

Some bikes that caught my eye

Pete's TC and Matt's unmentionable behind

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Re: Practice Track Diaries Crow Hill MX Park 06/08/2019
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2019, 08:12:13 AM »
Thank God you didn't listen to Self...  The time to ride is when the feeling hits...  I think Self need to be punished by cleaning the bike and prepping for the next ride...    8)

Keep kicking ass Dingo!
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