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Author Topic: Slick Products Off-Road Bundle Review  (Read 9345 times)

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Slick Products Off-Road Bundle Review
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:49:02 PM »
Okay, I admit it: I hate washing my bike after a ride, so anything that that makes it less of a chore, I am all for!

Recently, Slick Products sent their off-road cleaner bundle to try out.  We received a pressure washer foam cannon, a bottle of off-road wash, a bottle of degreaser and a bottle of shine spray as well as a cleaning cloth and a brush. Pretty much everything you need.

We had plenty of bikes to test the products out on, several of which had been sitting in a muddy state for (gasp!) a couple weeks. (See? Told you.)

Slick Products says that the off-road bundle is: “designed for off-roading enthusiasts who encounter dirt and mud.”  Well that’s good because here in the Pacific Northwest there is one thing we have a lot of off road and that is dirt and mud!

After un-boxing the foam cannon we discovered that the pickup tube referenced in the instructions was AWOL. Fortunately, we have some semi-rigid fuel line that was the right size laying around so that got pressed into service as a pickup tube.

We measured out the off-road wash into the foam cannon as instructed (way more than we actually needed for one bike) and attached it to the pressure washer. This actually proved to be a bit of a challenge for us since our pressure washer didn’t have the quick release to match the provided nipple on the foam cannon, so we had to find a fitting and attach it directly.  Most pressure washers probably come with this already, if not, you can find the quick release at the home improvement store or online easily enough.

After that was accomplished we sprayed the entire bike thoroughly with the foam.  The pressure washer makes that really easy, all you have to do is hold the trigger and out it comes. The foam cannon has an adjustable nozzle so you can control the spray pattern. We still managed to foam the tree the bike was parked under but that was operator error (possibly excessive exuberance) rather than an issue with the foam canon.

We waited a few minutes for the foam to work, 3-5 is recommended but we found that the longer time produced better results. 

While you’re waiting switch the foam cannon out to the regular wand on your pressure washer (if you have the quick release this won’t take any time) and once it has a chance to work just rinse the bike off. 

Two strokes are known for spooge (yes that is the technical term) on the silencer, rear fender, well…anywhere on the back of the bike really or front too if the head pipe is leaking, (BTW you should fix that.)

We tried the degreaser on the end of the silencer, sprayed it on, waited a few minutes and then wiped it off.  This produced a very clean silencer with minimal work! We then tested this on the rear fender as well, with similar results, all the spooge easily wiped off.  It also worked great on the swing arm by the rear axle where the chain lube had gotten on it even though the swingarm has a rough texture.

The foam cannon comes in two forms, one for a pressure washer and one for a regular garden hose, both are priced at $44.99.  The Off-Road Bundle which contains the bottle of wash, a bottle of degreaser, a bottle of shine/protectant, a cleaning cloth and a brush. It is priced at $54.99.

•   Easy to use and instruction are clear
•   Not a lot of scrubbing needed with excellent cleaning power
•   Non-corrosive so no need to worry about any anodized parts on the bike
•   Degreaser is perfect for two strokes and the spooge
•   Worked on dried mud (red clay, volcanic ash)

•   The pressure washer foam cannon needed a quick release to hook up to the washer which our pressure washer didn’t have. 
•   Foam cannon didn’t come with the pickup tube so we needed to fashion one

This is an excellent product, easy to use and a great choice for owners of two stroke motorcycles.  It easily removed the spooge from the silencer, rear fender and swingarm.  It worked great on dried mud, rinsed off easily, and didn’t make a mess in the yard.  If you don’t use all the mix that you’ve put in the cannon just leave it until next time.  The amount of product and number of uses makes it a good value.  Great product for lazy riders or those short on time.
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Re: Slick Products Off-Road Bundle Review
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2018, 10:21:52 AM »
Good product review, thanks nancis.