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Author Topic: racer x race report The Wick 338 NESC opener  (Read 28 times)

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racer x race report The Wick 338 NESC opener
« on: April 11, 2018, 05:45:39 AM »

So what do you do after your Annual doctor visit reveals you have 3 hernias? You go racing, that's what ya do!

Well with surgery scheduled for the 10th of April and the NESC opener 2 days before, it was a no brainer. Get some seat time before you miss part of your racing calendar due to recovery time. Now I am not big on NESC racing any longer (now a certified super evo racer) it was good to see some of my best friends when it comes to racing, if i can only convince them to buy vintage bikes...

Franky's bike, could use chain 'n sprockets but he chose graphics instead

 The 03 125 for NESC

Norkys YZED not to be run today, sadly chose a 450

Practice met us with cold temps and a soft track. Rust was still evident when I hit the track and was lucky enough to chase my friend Gino around and have a wick "sand"wich, courtesy of Gino's rear wheel, for breakfast.
Gino and his Honda, don't worry he also has a 90 KX 500

45 open motos:
moto1- flubbed start,last into turn 1, got into 14th by end of start lap and chased Margiasso on his yzed 250 and
            followed him through the 976 of fanning a couple turns from the finish for P13
moto2- better jump, eaten up by larger bikes into turn 1, end of start lap P12, battled passed Hammann on his
           SX250 For P11

40+B motos:
Moto1- bike bogged almost to a stall off gate, last in turn 1, end of start lap P8, battled past the 94 of Comeau for
Moto2-Good jump (finally)and in the mix through turn 1, by end of start lap was P5, Battled past Hammann's 117
           SX 250 and Geeleher's 433 Katoom for P3

So to sum it up, a satisfying  end to an awesome day! some physical and bike issues that need sorted, but thats racing!
PRO Class lap 1:  :
Dingo the moto dog

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