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Maybe you can help!
« on: March 18, 2013, 07:18:40 PM »
  Hi, my name is Edgars Kakarans, I am from Latvia. Many of you have heard about Latvias "enormous" economic crysis. Unfortunately our family was greatly influenced by it.  In first my dad got fired from job ,where he were working for 21 years, because company bancrupted, and then all started to go wrong...  It was wery hard time for our family.
   I absolutely can not think of anything I love to do more than racing motocross.
I had been racing for 2 years, when our family faced problems, and we were forced to quit motocross for some time because of finansial problems. I was wery upset for quiting because my lap times were improoving wery fast. I managed to set up eaven 15 seconds faster lap times than year before.
Still i didnt give up and all this time I have worked in the gym to improove my strenght and endurance, because I know some day i will be back to racing.
Now our finansial situation has stabilized, and it looks like it could be the time when I can return to racing, but we still need some help to get back racing.

    This is me training before leaving MotoCross.

We are asking for donations, any amount will be greatly appreciated!
Money will be spend for training, fuel costs, and race fees, any money left will be spend to refresh racing gear.
You can donate straight to my paypal account:
Or you can donate in thees sites:
We are grateful of any amount of help we can receive.
Please help me get back to racing!
If you dont want to support me, don?t, but please don?t leave negative replies and comments.
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