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Author Topic: parts or whole worked CR500 :(  (Read 969 times)

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parts or whole worked CR500 :(
« on: February 18, 2013, 12:28:09 AM »
well last fall i decided to build an ice bike. spared no expense.

its a 1989 cr500 engine, in a 1992 frame.
engine just completely done. maybe 2-3hrs on it.
bored on its 1st over. wiseco piston, professional port and polish on the cylinder.
the head was also machined and the builder said the squish is right at 60 thousandths (i will have to verify with him, i am not an engine builder and if that measurement sounds rediculous it could be off.)
anyway its easier to say it has slightly more compression then stock.
has a 38.5 mikuni flat slide carb. BRAND NEW PVL ignition.

the bike is lowered 4" and the frame has been modified to have adjustable steering angle.
this bike is beautiful but now on to the bad part.

yesterday (2/17) i was at the ice races and when i went to start my bike for the second practice the kickstart shaft decided to walk right out of the case. cracking the right side case and the clutch cover.. which was brand new.

TONS of brand new parts and let me tell you... this thing ran like a raped ape. i have no money left to put into this thing so i have to pass it on to make up for what i have lost. its a sad day.

asking $1600 as it sits with the stock wheels. $1500 if i keep the forks which are old conventional forks anyway. also the stock ride height rear shock will be included. ICE FENDER, and ice tires/wheels not for sale.

email ajconforti1 AT or call/text 845-389-8914 bike is located in clinton corners ny

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