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General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Two versus Four
« on: February 22, 2010, 05:56:47 PM »
I too asked MQ for confirmation when I read the 2 earlier articles, and they denied any rule change, but the latest ADB article reads "It has been confirmed with ADB that 250 2 strokes will be allowed to race in the MX lites class in 2010 on a national level, with the chance for the rule to be implemented at state and local level in 2011"
Wonder who they "confirmed" it with ? 
I thought journalists where supposed to confirm facts of articles before they went to print ?
Might shoot ADB an email, see what they say.
Where abouts in sunny qld are you?

Hey mate,
I am in the bayside area in Brisbane, ride all the local tracks, the stan, reedy, coolum, tivoli etc. Yeah I dont know who ADB got their info from, but it doesnt seem like it was correct. Maybe they were "hoping" that the rules would be changed just like you and I. I really hope that we can gain some momentum towards having the rules changed. It would be interesting to see what ADB would say rearding the rules if you asked them.

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: What happens if ?
« on: February 21, 2010, 11:37:35 PM »
Yeah tough one, But i still believe in three senior classes. 125s, 250s and 500s. With current configuration this is easily achievable. When I first raced in the late 90s a club day was finished by 2pm, because there were several more tracks all running club race days on the same days and the numbers were much more evenly spread, but with the four strokes getting clubs closed down left right and centre, the remaining clubs are trying to fit too much into one day with classes overflowing and then accidents etc slowing racing down and running very late into the day. Possibility of splitting junior and senior races into different days but then this detracts from the family sport orientation that is motocross. Build more tracks/clubs?? This is also difficult as land is becoming harder to find and councils dont want to have anything to do with motocross clubs. The sport needs to continue in the right direction but is at a cross roads and has several dilemmas to deal with. Very debatable topic, very interested in what everyone else has to say !!!!!!!

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Two versus Four
« on: February 21, 2010, 04:38:54 AM »
Yeah I know. I was as pumped as anyone as there has been several articles claiming the rule change. I decided to take it to the next level and I spoke to Lindsay Grainger (Head of Motorcycling Australia-Qld branch), as well as Kev Williams from WEM(promoter of Aus moto-x nationals) and both confirmed that the Pro Lites class will be 100-150cc two stroke and 200-250cc four stroke. It did break my heart. LOL. But we can only keep pushing for the displacement disparity to be rectified. Any ideas on how we could best achieve this. At both an amateur and pro level. I dont see us having the AMA type problems with the manufacturers having great influence, its just that everything I have tried has been shut down very fast and a complete dead end. If anyone can provide me with any support or advice on how best to market the rule change to the big wigs here in australia I would be greatly appreciative.

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: What to Say?
« on: February 21, 2010, 03:28:29 AM »
A classic that I have heard several times - " The kickstarter is locked solid, and I cant turn the motor over" That is always a good one. Usually followed by, "I was just riding along and the bike just stopped"

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Two versus Four
« on: February 21, 2010, 03:24:42 AM »
It would be nice to have the riders actually race these bike and then see what they have to say.

In reply to that, I am good mates with two of the guys that did this test and they are both top pros, and the tester NC, has just bought himself a YZ250 two stroke to go and ride and race. I have been mentioning to him to have a crack at the nationals on the two banger as he bought it so that he didnt have the pressure on him from his sponsors to get results and just wants to race local stuff, but I really want to see someone campaigning a two banger again at a national level here in Aus. If I can get him keen I will let you guys know. Just one more comment on that particular article, they havent changed the rules to allow 250 two strokes to race in the 'lites' (250f) class. That is another sore point as I have been pushing for this rule to change. Hopefully soon we will displacement parity. Long live the two stroke.

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Motomike 894 interview from one of our own
« on: February 20, 2010, 05:44:00 AM »
Hey mate,

No pressure but you have the weight of the two stroke world on your shoulders. But we are all cheering you on. Dude you have to qualify and do us all proud. Best of luck from all the two stroke die hards from down under  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Project Two 50
« on: February 16, 2010, 04:40:06 AM »
Thats awesome, can not wait for the nationals to begin. Going to be great to see a top rider battle and compete for the entire series on a trick 250 two banger. BRING IT ON !!!!!!!

General Two Stroke Talk / Dan Reardon
« on: February 06, 2010, 09:47:29 PM »
Hey all,

Just watching the live AMA timing for the supercross, and it has Dan Reardon down as racing a YZ250 two banger in the main. Can anyone there in the states confirm that this is true. I damn hope that it is. Massive news if this is true. And a new hero to support at the very top level. Go Reardo !!!!!!!!!

On a serious note. All we pretty much ride here in Brisbane is hardpack, and I have had great success with the Pirelli Scorpion int/soft front with the int/hard rear. Incredible feel and traction in the front, and really good hook up in the rear, with awesome lifespan of both the front and rear. I am real picky about tyres and these are the best I have used in a long time. I definitely reckon you should give them a try.

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Creating our own privateer racing team?
« on: December 31, 2009, 11:21:58 PM »
This is fantastic news. I am in Australia, but i will do what i can to support such an effort. Would definitely buy merchandise to support a dedicated two stroke team. Would be awesome to see them do well. Definitely need information as it comes to hand on the progress of the team. This is the greatest news I have heard regarding any pro race team in a long time. Congrats to you guys for continuing to push the envelope and not let the two stroke die quietly. With the right support and rider, you guys will create major waves within the pro racing ranks, which has been needed now for a long time. Cant wait to see who lines up on a two stroke for the outdoors.

At least the road racing two-strokes are still going strong.

HUH ???

HONDA just killed the 250 GP class in one foul swoop, with that class now being a 600 class and everyone riding Honda's. And that starts this year. What a surprise. Honda are the biggest instigators of the two stroke demise and NEED to be stopped. SAVE THE TWO STROKE !!!!!!

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Mad Scientist is at "it" again...
« on: December 22, 2009, 11:47:04 PM »


Mate, I am as passionate as you are by the sounds of things. Someone needs to stand up and make the big decisions exactly as you stated. You said that you wont make any friends with that article. Well, you won me over. Need to make sure that the right people are hearing these words, and that they dont just fall on deaf ears. You should send that article to Davey himself, and see if he is willing to respond, as I am sure that he would be. I believe that overturning the displacement advantage that four strokes have would breathe fresh life into the sport of motocross, and I think it would be fitting for that to happen on the turn of the decade.

That point you made about manufacturers, it will be interesting to see the World MX GP's next year, and which of the four Japanese manufacturers have bikes on the startline in the newly reinstated World 125 MX championship class.(Not sure what they are calling it - MX ???) Will Honda dare show up ?????

Lets keep the TWO STROKE DREAM ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great letter. We need to get this sent out as soon as possible, and continually follow up progress on the issue so that it isn't forgotten about. Also, sending a modified letter to manufacturers would also be a great idea to let them know that people do want two strokes, and demand will dramatically increase with a fairness in the rules returning. MOTOCROSS IS TWO STROKE !!!!!!

General Two Stroke Talk / Proud PaPa
« on: December 07, 2009, 05:39:00 AM »

These stories are truly inspirational. Would love to hear more of how the racing went down. Pictures of the bike would be great also. Gotta keep that two stroke dream alive. And just on that last post, I noticed that the supercross in britain was won by Gordon Crockard last weekend on a KX 250 2 stroke motor in kx250f chassis. The stories keep on rollin out.

 ;)  ;)   ;)

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