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Technical / 2001 CR125 stator?
« on: August 07, 2011, 08:55:13 AM »
G'day guys,

Hey guys, drowned my cr about a year ago and the bike would start and run fine until you want to rev her out (which is all the time on a 125) she just bogs i guess you could say, its as if there is a limiter, I'm guessing it is the stator, I have already pulled the fly wheel off and there was alot of corrosion so I tried to clean it and still the same problem, I have tried everything else such as carb, ecu, plugs etc and this is all Im left with so I'm asking for any other ideas, also if Charles is still on here and runs his shop does he sell stators for my bike?

Cheers guys, Mitch! :D

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