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Technical / honda cr 125 head and cylinder
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:50:15 AM »
HI! some days ago i did blow my SRS cylinder head, it cant be used any more =( so now i need a new one. are there anyone that knows a site that sells them? it would be nice with a VHM head. the site must come from the usa. would be greatfull for awnsers! sorry for bad spelling come i from sweden...

Technical / honda cr 125 clutch
« on: January 26, 2011, 09:29:04 AM »
hey! my freind broke his clutch center and he i wondering were he can by a new one.

and he dosent know wich year moddel it is the one beside is brobebly from a 98 when honda upgraded theire clutches from 6 plate to 7 plates. gratfull for answears :)

Open Forum / choose betwen 2 diferent twostroke tuning books help
« on: December 06, 2010, 12:15:58 PM »
hi! i am going to order a twostroke tuning book from the internet and i hawe found 2 books that seems intresting to me.

 the first book is Two-Stroke Performance Tuning BY A graham bell.,_a.graham/two-stroke_performance_tuning-4414182
the second is The High-performance Two-stroke Engine by John Dixon.,_john/the_high-performance_two-stroke_engine-642695

witch book is the best to learn from? graham bells book is from 1999 and john dixon´s is from 2005. the teknology har ben improvd so much betwen those years.
im greatfull for your opinions!

Open Forum / the best brand in all clases
« on: November 30, 2010, 08:01:47 AM »
hello! I am curious as to where or what the dirt bike that is best in its class.

a few weeks ago I saw a list where the great conditions that was best in the 125cc 2t 250cc 2t and so on. and equally so in 4t. could you help me to create such a list, or maybe link to one that you know have this knowledge.
// beckvall

Photos & Videos / Honda cr 125 SRS renovation 22/12-10.
« on: November 29, 2010, 12:55:38 PM »
hello! Here are some renovation photos of my Honda cr 125 SRS. when i bought this motorcycle i didn´t had any idea whar srs stod for.
SRS oh well, I thought, they were probably just a few engine covers so they would look cooler. but they turned out not so, when I received the review of the guy i bought it from told me that a switch to the ECU box "cdi". and some other stuff that was replaced on it.

Honda has never had a reputation to produce good 125cc but I didn´t knew that. but have race the yamaha  125 "yz" and with good results so I am very pleased with this purchase.

things that are redesigned to it as far as i know anyway is.
the head is changed to SRS
connecting rod is remade by SRS do not know what they've done, however.
cylinder is ported by SRS
it is a DEP pipe on it
the carb is bored a bitt by SRS
FMF reeds they should be installed now.
and certainly other things that are made.

powerd by Bäcks Motorslip

here comes the pictures, it will come more pictures after time
first time it toutcht my property :P

the day i started to tare it down.

the modyfied carb

I got my eyes on a small odd spot on the swingarm

I thought it sounded strange in the fork legs so I open them and checked for broken components, but found nothing.

and when I caught sight of the purple bushes that apparently will be better than the original

and that was also some dents in the exhaust pipe so I cut out that bit and hit the dents back and weld it back

and the gray-haired old man helped me to gas weld it so they will hold together

this is how it looked after an hour of screwing.

I hear always disturbed me on Honda's framework, they are very dull!? aluminum's invented to be polished. so I did just that!

and this is how each of the following 10 timmart grinding and polishing with Autosol.

polished frame and also a bit of the other things:)

This is also a bonus picture of FMF reedsen and the original. compares the port area

also saw that the rear shoc had to start leaking oil. so it must be renovated.

3/12-10 it hawent hapend much but I've left the cylinder head to the local motor grinder. Apparently, I have run so hard that the aluminum between the O-ring and the cooling channels melted away. so they will they have to fix for me.
then I got home my FMF ram valves and I'm not completely satisfied with FMF's design on them. for the first so I had to grind away lot in the intake manifold. and for the other so where I had to cut away a piece of the. but but if you have a 40mm carb and the original reedsen has a port Aeria suited for a 34mm they may have been worth it.

 and has also picked apart link stocks to swing and shock .... I let the picture speak for them.

and drained the engine oil .... has run with it for about 10 hours, and yes the picture says realu mutch. would think that oil takes the color of aluminum clutch plates ... will probably change the whole package and then they are hardened steel and harder clutch springs as well. it was all for now!

5/12-10 update. have to start picking up the parts that whas finisd. that is not so much but they're always something.

 has made a Boysen power wing may not be as visually attractive but serves the purpose I hope.

and a bonus picture of my snowmobile, doing a simpel supercharger. is not finished with it to replace some things but.

22/12-10 cylinder topp
it hawent happend so much since last time, but i hawe got the cylinder head back from the specialist. and its locking realy good!
and my dad has bought som O rings to the head and a polymer plastick rod that we will mate linkage "bearings" tu the svingarm. this time it wont be the nedel bearings that will wear out! this plastick is harder than steel  >:D. and i hawe start reading my twostroke tuning book. its a lot om intresting things in it!

utdate. this time i´w done prety much. my dad and i hawe machined a kopletly new linkage bearings from a wery hard plastic. he is an old factory worker so he is good at it. and we dident got any fancy mecure ments just frehand. and its realy fits good!

it isent much things lefr on it. new bearings to the back weel and some new plastic :)

this is a taset on the incredebel sound it makes :D
SRS honda 125 TUNED
and some trail riding.
srs 125 honda, trail

it was all for now!
pleas make a coment :)

i want feedback on this build so i can learn.

Technical / honda rear hub
« on: November 21, 2010, 11:06:42 AM »
hello! I'm going to replace rear wheel bearings on my honda cr 125 2003 and then sits layers pinned with a "nut" and what's the kind of collar to use?

grateful for answers:)

Technical / honda cr 125 to 500
« on: November 20, 2010, 12:14:27 PM »
Hello! I have a honda 125 SRS 2003, and I caught sight of CR500-f, and every bit eager to convert my 125cc to a 500af. which is the case? how much must be done over again to get the engine to fit?

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