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General Two Stroke Talk / A few questions regarding YZ125
« on: June 02, 2019, 08:54:21 AM »
I've been looking for a late model YZ125 to build a woods bike. They're lighter, and have a shorter wheelbase than any other full size bikes, handle well, and parts are plentiful.

In my research, and looking at ads I see a lot of 1-3 year old bikes with not many hours, but new cranks, new barrels, or complete rebuilds. We're talking bikes raced at the local junior/novice level. On another forum there's a YZ section, and a guy who does a lot of work on them who says at 60 hrs it's time for a complete tear down and rebuild. Other guys replacing or replating barrels at less than 100 hours.

My (CR150) Husky has over 100 racing hours, is on only the second piston, and on the big bore 165's, guys are getting 200 hours on a top end only and I've seen Husky 2 strokes with 400-500 hrs on them with not much work.

Are these YZ's really that lightly built, or are people doing a lot of unnecessary work?
I'm not that concerned (personally)  because I set my woods bikes up for strong low end power and rarely wring them out

I do remember asking the Husky dealer when I bought mine about replacing top ends with regularity and he said no, It's not a Japanese bike  :P

General Two Stroke Talk / KTM 105 SX
« on: June 23, 2017, 12:41:54 PM »
OK guys, it's a been some time since I've posted here. I know the site was down for a long time, I hope some of the regulars are still here.

So last year I bought a Husky WR300 as an experiment. I thought more power was more better, but the bike was just too much for me. WAY too much. So I sold it, and this year I  decided to go in a separate direction, and bought a KTM105 to use as my woods bike. During hare scrambles my Husky (2011 CR150) just feels too big in the tight woods, and after about 30 minutes, fighting it just tires me out. So I'm going in the other direction. Since I'm the size of a teenager, I'm 5'6"/145 I'm trying something completely different, and bought a 2011 SX105. After a few rides now I can say that I don't think I've ever been faster in the woods. I whip through the tight stuff like it's nothing, and can do it lap after lap.

So I'm working on the suspension, ordered a Fatty pipe for it, but I'm wondering if anybody here has any tips, experience, or ideas on how to make this bike work a little better for the woods, or just more power overall? I don't really need any more power, it's actually more than fast enough for me in the woods, but could use a little more for the MX sections.

Hoping some here have experience with these bikes.

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