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For Sale / 2007 Suzuki RM125 144 $2900 Connecticut For Sale
« on: June 02, 2017, 01:55:31 PM »

2007 Suzuki RM 125 with the Eric Gorr 144cc kit.

I personally built this engine from bottom end up a few years back. I used all OEM components within (bearings, gaskets, crank). Eric Gorr punched the engine to 144cc with the "Mo-Better" porting which gives a great mid range hit. I have since added a fresh top end (Wossner Piston as recommended by Gorr) maybe 10 riding hours ago. Engine runs fantastic and it runs on pump gas. Has fresh transmission oil and a serviced air filter.

Suspension is full Factory Connection with springs and valving for a 150 lbs rider. I also kept all the original springs which I will include with the sale. I have it serviced every season.

I just redid the head stem bearings as they were starting to get worn. Smooth as butter now. Also serviced the shock linkage.

Front tire is new. Rear tire is probably 75%.

I will include the factory service manual, the OEM exhaust, and some other odds/ends. Comes with the original Suzuki title.

This really is the best 2 stroke you can get! I invested a lot of time into this bike. The newer plastic upgrade looks fantastic! I am taking a step back from motocross if you are wondering why I am selling it.

I will be keeping the front number plate which has my name on it but will include a brand new one. The stand is not included.

Buyer responsible for pickup. I can meet halfway if you live far. $2900

I always have done a few arenacross events every winter, lots of fun. This winter me and a friend plan on doing even more than we usually do. I debated on the rmz250 or my rm125 for the tight indoor stuff and it was a no-brainer that the 125 is better suited! With the constant turning and tightness of arenacross, the 125 is much easier to point and shoot I feel. Should be fun off the catapult!

Anyone racing some arenacross this year? Will probably be the only 125 out there in the novice class.

Photos & Videos / When arenacross was ARENACROSS
« on: September 24, 2011, 11:42:44 AM »
Naslund vs. Gatt - 1992 Cloverdale Arenacross 125 Pro Main Event

What a great battle. Great sound. Anyone been to an Arenacross race recently? The most dull sounding event ever. I like how the old-school arenacross didn't need the rediculous catapult and other obstacles for a good race.

General Two Stroke Talk / New to the site... introducing myself
« on: September 21, 2011, 12:30:21 PM »
Hello, glad I found this forum! I'm 23 years old from Connecticut and have been involved with motocross for about 10 years. Been racing for about 5 and just recently moved up to the B Amatuer class at my local club.

I stupidly fell for the 4stroke hype years ago. I had a mint 00' RM125 but I was at the time fascinated by the new sound of the YZ 250 four strokes of the time. Four strokes were still very expensive. I foolishly sold the rm125 and bought a used, beat up, 01 YZ250f from a woods racer. It was all I could afford at the time for a modern 4stroke.

Felt awkward on that bike but I stuck it out. Unfortunately, not long after buying it, I had transmission issues, crank issues, etc. I believe the hard life it had before me was a big factor.

Fast forward a few years and I purchased a brand new 08' RMZ250. A great bike but still, I never really felt comfortable 100%.... particularly in corners. I didn't like how 4strokes tended to "stand up". Granted, the RMZ did transition me from just the weekend woods warrior to motocross quite well. But I was still not satisfied. Haven't had any mechanical issues with it to this day (after normal maintenance of course).

There are a few die hard 2 strokers still left at the local club. I was always amazed at the true sound of motocross, the smell of premix, and how they were just flowing so darn well, especially in corners.

I found a one owner 07' RM125 a few months back and jumped on it! BEST decision ever. I finally feel comfortable, particularly in corners!

Never had so much fun before on a bike. Also, may speed has increased tremendously because cornering is THE name of the game!


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