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Technical / Exhaust sytems for KX250
« on: September 10, 2011, 05:23:35 PM »
So I'm looking for a little input on different exhaust pipes and silencers!

I recently dented and bent my FMF SST Pipe. I am wondering if it would be more beneficial to try a different setup. I put on the  FMF gnarly pipe with turbine core 2 spark arrestor. this setup i great for the super tight and technical stuff, but absolutely has no top end and over-rev for mx wide open trails. The SST pipe and titanium 2 silencer from FMF was a great combo for the KX250, it still had lots of grunt down low and continued to pull hard and yet smooth through the rpm's, it had ample top end as compared to the gnarly pipe. I understand the differences in these two pipes as well as the purposes they were designed for. So I like the SST setup, it has served me well and I am comfortable with the powerband.

I'm debating fixing the SST pipe or trying a new setup. I am inclined to try the PC Works pipe or Platinum pipe and 304 factory sound silencer(not the R304 shorty). Possibly the FMF Fatty, but I really want to get the most out of this engine! I hear DEP makes good systems, but I haven't really heard any thing convincing about them!

I think the PC Works/Platinum pipe with the PC 304 silencer would yield the most power up top, it might sacrifice a little on the bottom end, but hey, it's an mx bike, I want it to scream, not lug around the track!

I'm running the Vforce 3 reed valve, and it helped to wake this bad boy up as far as throttle response goes! Maybe with a full PC or DEP system it could really scream!

The bike is an '01 KX250!
Chad 8)

General Two Stroke Talk / Cool Craig's List Post!
« on: November 14, 2010, 10:03:38 AM »

Just a little proof that the tide is turning and the two stroke is far from dead! 8)

Technical / 2001 KX250 Engine Rebuild
« on: October 29, 2010, 05:53:24 PM »
My KX finally died, I am looking into doing a full rebuild of the motor!
Wiseco will probably be my first choice for the piston and rings, a Hot Rod crank, and possibly some Micro Blue bearings if they make them for my bike! I am going to get it ported and polished and if the funds allow get my suspension Tuned and rebuilt!
If anyone has any suggestions on better parts or services, I would appreciate it!   8)

Technical / Prepping for the Dunes!
« on: September 14, 2010, 04:20:43 PM »
I am looking for a little insight on prepping my KX250 for the dunes.
Gearing, air filter service and possibly replacement, tire pressure, flag mount type and placement, jetting/fuel mixture, etc...
Just a little guidance to make the most of my trip. The Dunes I will be riding are outside of Florence,OR, so it is a little salty and sometimes quite humid!
Chad 8)

General Two Stroke Talk / MIke Leavitt Racing
« on: August 23, 2010, 01:58:28 PM »
I was just on the TM-Barker Bros. cycles page and saw this link, we are not the only ones who like Project Two Fifty! 8)

Technical / 2001 KX250 mods and performance
« on: December 18, 2009, 11:08:05 PM »
Hey Fellas,

Just curious if anybody has or had a KX250 from '99-'02, and had some input and or advice on this bike.
I got the bike from a kid who was scared of it and did not know a thing about it. It's been a great bike so far with no major issues. I have added a FMF SST pipe and silencer (it came with a Gnarly pipe, now it is so much smoother and revs alot higher with more power up top), VForce 3 Reed system (best mod I've put on so far, much greater throttle response over stock!!!), NGK BR8EIX plug, I'm currently running Silkolene Racing 2T pre-mix in 91 octane gas with PJ1 Octane Plus at a ratio of 32:1, rebuilt Carb (Keihin Power Jet PWK38S Carburetor with K-TRIC?) with stock settings, other than needle in third from the top position, throttle response is quick and crisp throughout the powerband, plug looks good(slighty brown in color when checked after an all out run). I ride anywhere from Sealevel up to 2000ft, i estimate about 90 hours, + or - a few ,by word of mouth from the previous owner and the time i've put on the machine, it starts within two kicks, the compression always feels strong (but i don't have the tools to truly test that yet).

It runs good, but it feels a little weaker than before the Carb rebuild!!! 

I don't have any really big issues with it, I'm just looking to fine tune it and get the most out of the whole bike. I figured I'd start with the motor before I mess with Suspension and Chassis!

Any advice and/or input would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Chad

2T's a Smokin', 4T's a Jokin' !!!!

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