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Randall Everett – Interview

by JohnNicholas on 07/15/2009

In this new feature section of the TSM site we’ll be introducing you to racers and industry people. These interview answers are not edited or changed for content, only spelling and punctuation will be corrected. So what you get is down to earth answers direct from the folks being interviewed.

In this edition we introduce Randall Everett. If you have been a reader of the site you may have watched Randall pounding out some laps on his YZ250 in the feature video. It was so amazing hearing the way Randall rides that bike that we figured we’d get in touch with him and ask some questions.

Randall keeping his bike low over a jump.

When did you first get started in motorcycles?
My dad introduced me to riding when I was 7 yrs. old.

Do you remember your first bike?
My first bike was a PW50 that I mostly just rode through the trails at an old house we had.

How did you get involved in motocross racing?
I only rode for fun when I was small.. I didn’t even think about racing till I moved up to a KX100 and did my first race at Budds Creek when I was 13.

Have you competed in high profile Amateur Events?
I made it to Loretta’s my first year of racing in Supermini and then made it again a few years later in 250A and 250A pro sport. Since then we have just stuck with racing the pro nationals.

What were your results in these events?
I never did well at Loretta’s. I never prepared myself right for those long motos back then.

I understand that you have traveled to Germany for racing, can you tell us about that?
The only racing so far I got to do was the German Supercross series in 2008. I was planning on racing the outdoors on a Kawi in 2007 but got hurt so that ruined the plan. I have some family in Germany and speak some German so I think I adapt to the culture over there alot easier then most U.S. riders do. I’m studying German right now and hoping my visits are going to be a regular soon.

The KTM Sarholz Racing Team fan poster.

You were part of the KTM Sarholz Racing Team along with Mike Brown and Stephen Mock, can you tell us about that experience?
Sarholz was the first team I had been signed for and at first it didn’t seem real. Especially with Mike Brown for a teammate. I always had the impression Mike was going to be arrogant or wouldn’t really want to talk to me.. But he was the total opposite. The guy is really down to earth and gave me tips at all the races we went to. I’d say he’s probably my favorite pro rider now!

Randall and Mike Brown

What were your race results while racing in Europe?
BAD. this year was the first time I had seen supercross or any type of indoor track. I did decent in the qualifiers but never qualified for the main event. I’m preparing myself for this year though.. I’ve gotta redeem myself.

Were you treated as a Factory Racer?
From being paid, wearing unlimited gear, factory bikes, personal mechanic and place to stay.. I definitely was treated like a Factory rider.

Asked to sign autographs?
Yea! The European fans are really cool.. we always had an autographing session between races and it was really fun.

Did you enjoy racing in Europe?
Besides me wanting some better results.. The racing atmosphere is better in Europe to me. There’s a lot of Hollywood over here and riders who are racing for other reasons. Over there they seem to get past the show.. It makes the racing more fun.

Do you have plans to race in Europe next season?
I’m always planning for it! But whether it happens or not I don’t know. Its way to hard to race over there without team support.

You came to many peoples attention because of the MXPTV video that Matt Wozney shot at Blue Diamond MX Park. What were your reasons for using a YZ250 two stroke?
I love the 2stroke..I race that at most of the local races because you can ride it in both classes and its basically been my main bike lately. You will never get that kind of hit out of a 4stroke. 4strokes suck! but It is the only way to be competitive these days in the pro ranks.

From the input and buzz about this video, the part that was enjoyed most was the sound of the bike as you raced around the track. Could you tell us about the set up on that Bike?
That bike in the video was bone stock!

Matt mentioned that you were planning on competing in a few east coast Nationals this year and that you were considering to race a two stroke 250 in the 450 class. Have you made definite plans for the nationals yet?
We were thinking about doing that but I think we are planning on racing the lights (250) class. Like I said it is hard to be competitive on the outdoor tracks with that 2 stroke.

Autographed dramatic poster.

What do you mean when you say, it’s hard to be competitive on the two-stroke? Is it because of the displacement advantage of the four-stroke?
Well sort of.. Even when I ride the 250 against the 250fs at the local races and some of the tracks start to get dry or rough and slick.. The 2stroke really struggles. The 4stroke chassis and power delivery really make a smoother ride when the tracks get eaten up. But when the tracks have moisture in it I think the 2stroke is the better bike!

The rumor is that in 2010 both two and four stroke machines of 250cc displacement will be able to compete against each other. If this rule does pass, would that change your mind about racing a two stroke at the National level?
I think so. I would definitely choose the 250 over the 250f.

As a racer that has competed on both the two-stroke and four-stroke machines, what are your thoughts about competing with equal displacement machines?
I think that if a factory team takes up the opportunity of running a 2stroke it almost wouldn’t be fair! But for a privateer I think running the 2stroke would only help get closer to what they have. But with the 4strokes improving every year I think the two bikes are getting to where they are pretty equal.

Who are your sponsors?
No Fear, Site Whirks, Blalock Cycles, HDR, Scott, Renthal, Ready Filter, MGX, FMF, Dunlop

What is 454 all about?
I also have dreams in personal training and MX training. I started teaching lessons last year and I am working towards training riders off the bike as well. The website will have all the info and pricing for my schools soon on

Good luck with your racing career.