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The ultimate pit vehicle!

by JohnNicholas on 06/03/2009

Hey guys… Father’s day is coming up. And what better way to celebrate than with a nice comfy chair. Of course for any right minded motocross racer that chair should have wheels and while you’re at it add a motor to move you around.

These things are so strange that they are a must have. Can you imagine having these in the man cave (some call it a garage) and holding races with your best buds?

What’s so amazing is that they are so fast! And they look so comfy.

Gas Powered La-Z-Boy At Oshkosh Flyin 2005 from Hafast on Vimeo.

The model shown in the video appears to be a two stroke!! Can you believe it you have to mix your gas and oil for your Lazy boy!

But just when you thought it couldn’t be any stranger you do a search on the Internet and find there is a company that will build you a custom chair. Yes over at Armchair Cruisers LLC you can order a custom made chair with all the options. Want a pair of high speed blenders for drinks? How about satellite radio? Or maybe you want a built in cooler for some ice cold suds?

Not only that but they are available with a choice of electric or 4 banger motors! One even comes with wheelie bars so you don’t flip your chair over. Take a moment to check out the Armchair Cruiser site just to watch the videos!! They are a hoot.

The one danger of having a powered Lazy Boy....