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What We Really Want To See at The Monster Energy Cup

by TSMgirl on 10/16/2014

Travis Pastrana is my 2stroke hero. Hands Down. It could be because of all the stories Iíve heard over the years, growing up so close to where he lived or maybe the fact that he has shown his loyalty to the fun, freedom, and sound of his RM. Or maybe, its just his NO FUCKS GIVEN attitude while still being the nicest, most down to earth guy. All about the fun, All about 2strokes.  So what do I want to see in a race where anything goes, where there is No unfair AMA displacement rules, No lets tear down peoples bikes that we know cant afford to have factory built motors..No dictating what bikes we see on tvÖÖ    Mr. TP199


Its not for the fact that I think he would win.  I mean, letís face it, he hasnít raced pro in almost a decade. Heís considered ďoldĒ in the motocross world, and though we all enjoyed watching him attempt the RedBull Straight Rhythm even if the outcome wasnít what we wanted. PEOPLE LOVE HEARING TWO STROKES.

I want to watch him race for the sound. For the feeling. For the sense that the bikes we love are not dead.  I want to watch a real race.  I want to see the one guy that hasnít left his roots when all the BIG JAP BRANDS moved on.

Lets take a look at the beautiful bike that Service Honda Built for TP




So, What if Pastrana raced  Energy Cup next year, what if he had a full 12 months to train, what if we finally saw Our 2strokepride Back on a bike in a pro race. What if.  Oh the dreams. What do you all think? Could Travis Pastrana make a comeback?

So who will we see at this years Monster Energy Cup?

2014 Monster Energy Rider List

Iím actually glad not to see RV on the line up.  I find races where he just checks out to be boring and would prefer to see actual battles for leads and positions..

Since TP199 isnít throwing a leg this year over a bike for the cup, who do I want to see win it all? Anyone on a KTM. Why?  KTM is what I consider to be the only manufacturer that still wants to see 2 strokes succeed. They understand the market for them. They understand the NEED for them. They understand our want.  With the purchase of the Husqvarna lineup one can only speculate the reasoning behind it.  KTM is one of the few big brands that still researches and develops their 2stroke line for release in the United States.  I like to show support to the companies that still support us.


What do you want to see at Monster Energy Cup? What are your predictions? Check out TWO STROKE MOTOCROSS on facebook and let us know what you think!