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TSM In Daytona – Story And Gallery

by Charles Owens on 03/12/2013

For 2013, TSM has started putting efforts into running a pro race team. To get our feet wet we put together a YZ 250 for Daytona SX piloted by Ryan Smith #831. We  had very limited time for bike/rider prep, so we did what we could. It was more of a team building effort than anything else. The time ran out fast, the YZ 250 came together nicely after some delays and backorders.


A few weeks before Daytona, Ryan crashed and ended up with a mild shoulder injury. At that point we were unsure if we could make the trip happen. After his shoulder was checked by a doctor, he decided he would ride through the pain and attempt to qualify.


Tuesday morning (March 5th) we stopped by Total Control Suspension in NC for Daytona setup and to get some testing in. By the time the bike was ready to test it began to pour rain and didn’t stop until we headed out for Daytona Wednesday around noon.

We arrived at Daytona late-night, and placed in pre-staged parking across the street from the speedway. Thursday morning, the hype started. The questions, long stares and curiosity got the best of many.


After we entered the speedway and got settled we headed out to the Goerke residence for a limited testing/practice session. A huge thanks to them for letting us come out to see what the YZ had to offer.

Friday evening and Saturday we had a great time talking to the fans, sponsors and other teams. Everyone was excited to see and hear the 2 Stroke out there, the support was AMAZING!


We knew coming into this it would be a HUGE challenge. There are only 20 gates for the main, and this year is stacked!

200cc’s down in the 450 class, limited time on the bike and a mild injury makes it that much harder. During his first untimed practice Ryan went out to wrap his mind around the ever-changing track and to see how the YZ would handle. When he came back in, we had to make a few clicker changes and some mild adjustments but the power was there.


Some YZ build specs:

Cycle Playground got the motor up to par with a complete rebuild (including a new trans) Wiseco crank,rod and a Pro Lite top end. Mike at Cycle Playground also did some case, porting and mild head work for a kick in the bottom end. She’s a screamer!


Intake side the YZ inhaled through a Boyesen X-Wing and RAD Valve, and exhaled through an FMF Factory Fatty and Shorty silencer. The above combo put out 111 db for the AMA sound check.

During the 2 timed practices due to lack of time on the bike and a sore shoulder we were unable to pull off a spot in the night show. Ryan was trying to run a few heaters nearing the end of the final practice but the final few laps were medical/yellow flagged just before the finish line.

Josh Favinger caught some practice footage for us, check it out:

We learned quite a bit at Daytona, met some awesome new sponsors, very supportive fans and industry reps. We’re just getting started with our Pro efforts. We will continue to sign sponsors and seat riders to give you guys what you want to see!

What are we doing now?

Preparing for Outdoors. We are focused on adding a few more additional team sponsors and running 2 riders for the eastern Outdoor rounds. If your brand is interested in signing on with the only media backed team out there. Contact us.

None of this would be possible without our sponsors, they have been outstanding and we can’t thank them enough!


Wiseco Performance Products - Cranks, Rods, Pistons, Clutch Components and Gaskets.

Boyesen - X-Wing, RAD Valve, Super Cooler, Clutch/Ignition Covers

ProX Racing Parts - Bearings, Gaskets, Misc hard parts

Decal Works / - The best graphics/plastic source for EVERY reason

FMF – The best pipes.

Cycle Playground - Years of experience, serious motor work. TM dealer in Dupont, PA

AllRedy Canopies - The best! Custom hand made digital print canopies, banners and flags. They produced our 20X10 race canopy. Beautiful!

Thanks to Pete Baltera for our custom project/race bike seat covers!

Huge thanks to Optic Industries, AllRedy CanopiesDecal Works and Total Control Suspension for the VERY last-minute help! You guys are great!


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