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05 KX 125 Budget Build – In With The New

by Charles Owens on 12/21/2012

We started this project as a “Budget Build” to show what you can take to the track for less than $3,000. If you look on Craigslist you can usually find several bikes to choose from for under 3k. What you will mostly find are clapped out thumpers that need (or soon will) motor rebuilds. The motor rebuild can run $1,500-2,500 depending on extent of damage, etc. So for a little under $5k you can have a stock, Craigslist 4 Stroke with a fresh motor.


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2005 KX 125 Budget Build – Out with the old


We found a 2005 KX 125 on Craigslist for $800. It was a bit rough, but mechanically sound overall. For around $2,800 we picked up the KX and turned it into a mechanically sound race ready machine. Not only did we rebuild the motor in the budget, we also added all the goodies you could want. Keep in mind this is a ‘budget build’ so we didn’t go all out, but we did add some extra goods you can skip if they aren’t in your budget.


Below is the retails cost of all parts and service used for the build:

Misc Parts:

Total: $3,240.01


We did go a little over our budget, but then again we did several things that aren’t required to get you on the track. Powder Coating, etc. There is a good chance when you pick up a used bike that it won’t need all of the bearings/pipes/top end replaced. We are showing worst case if you needed to replace these items.

This was a great project and we would like to thank all of the sponsors involved!