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Dylan Cox KX 250 Conversion Helmet Cam 2 Stroke Shootout 250A

by Charles Owens on 09/25/2012

Dylan Cox #20 made his way from Kentucky for the Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout. He raced the 250 Pro class on his MPS Racing KX 250 Conversion and finished 3rd overall with a 3-5.

Ride along with Dylan during 250A Moto 2, he has a rough start but made his way through the pack for the number 5 spot.

Dylan Cox also raced the 125A class on his KX 125 and finished out the day with a 7-6, for a 6th overall.

Coxs KX 125

Video courtesy of MXPTV

Photos courtesy of TSM Media Group & Ethan Bulls