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Two Stroke Motocross Videos 2008

by JohnNicholas on 12/31/2008

Happy New Year!

Here are a few videos to celebrate this past year. The best part about these is they are all from the 2008 racing season!

Racing a two stroke is fun! Tell your friends.

The first video is of Malcolm Stewart from the Mini Oís. Rumor is that this was one of Bubbaís ex-factory Kawasaki KX250?s. Whether it is or not, that bike rips!


This video was taken at the 2008 DEP British Two Stroke Championships in England. This is a series created just for two stroke motocross racers and has grown stronger every year since itís inception.


This video is of Justin Barcia racing at a Loretta Lynnís qualifier on his Honda CR125.


The two stroke is back!

Do you have a favorite two stroke video? Share it with the rest of us by leaving the web address in a comment below.