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Marty Smith – America’s Motocross Legend DVD

by JohnNicholas on 12/30/2008

Marty Smith was the very first American motocross hero. Of course, back in the “old” days, there was very little video of motocross on television or otherwise. The only place to see your heroes back then was either by attending the Nationals or Trans AMA races or photos in magazines.


History has now been updated with the release of this DVD thanks in great part to Marty’s dad Al Smith.

Al was an amateur movie camera operator and love to record his family. He recorded most of Marty’s races. Considering the technology of the day, Al did a great job. He certainly captured the essence of Marty’s career and the early days of motocross using real movie film.

All of this footage was hidden away and had never been seen before unless you were a family friend of the Smiths.

The DVD tells the story of Marty, from the early beginnings, through the ups and downs of his amazing career. It is told in an upbeat  interview style with Marty, Tommy Croft, Dave Arnold, Bob Hannah, Joan and Al Smith (Marty’s parents), interspersed with racing footage and some photos. This DVD is a window into the past that offers a glimpse of a special part of motocross history.


The shots of Marty’s first race are priceless. In addition, there is footage of Marty racing and winning at Hangtown on his Monark. The next morning American Honda called to offer him a factory ride.

There is also some excellent race footage from the mid 70?s containing many of the top racers of the time.

What is truly amazing is how fast Marty could go on bikes that had less than 4 inches of travel. It almost looks like there is something wrong with the bikes, especially when you compare it to the machines of today.

When you watch closely you will discover a few very interesting facts. Marty was the first racer to ever jump a double jump! It was at Mid Ohio in 1975 aboard his 125. Then at St Pete in 1977, it appears that Marty had done a very early version of the whip over a jump. A true trailblazer.


In addition to all the exclusive race footage, there is a face to face interview with Marty and Bob Hannah that is worth the price of the DVD all by itself. For the most part, it is uncensored. It is a rare inside peak into the lives of these two great motocross champions.

There is one small drawback. You can not hear the sweet sound of the bikes. This is not an omission on anyone’s part, but due to the technology of the 1970?s. Most movie cameras back then did not have sound. In it’s place is an exciting soundtrack, that is both infectious and fun.

This is a must own video for any real fan of motocross. If you are old enough to remember these times, you will learn some new details. If you are younger and want to learn what racing was all about in the early days, this video is for you.

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This DVD is available directly from Marty Smith Motocross