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Aluminum Frame Conversions for Modern Two Strokes

by JohnNicholas on 12/15/2008

Do you have a modern two stroke Honda, Kawaski or Suzuki? Do you want to update the handling of your bike to modern aluminum framed standards?

Well MPS (Motorsports Products and Services) just may have the perfect answer for you.

The folks over at MPS can supply you with three different options for your two stroke Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki 250 or 500. They manufacture a frame kit, a rolling chassis or a complete package depending on your budget or desires.



The owner of MPS George Fanelli wrote a short bio about himself and his company which is posted below. If you are interested in any of his creations please feel free to contact him. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about converting your bike to an aluminum frame racer.

I am 46 Years old, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My father is from Italy and he migrated to Argentina after World War 2,  He was transferred to Toledo, Ohio USA in 1968 I was 5 and have grown up here. I am a Journeyman Machinist and have a degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

We have our own Machine Shop. we  build and sell Custom Two Stroke Aluminum Frame Converted Bikes, Frame Kits, and Rolling Chassis. I have been racing since I was 10 years old. I raced the 500 cc Pro Am (Ohio and Michigan State Champ) and Rode the 500cc AMA Pro Nationals from 1988 to 1993


We were waiting for Honda’s Aluminum Frame 500cc Bikes to be developed and we were going to build our own in 96. Honda  was to release them to the USA in 2002 but decided to cancel the program and sell a CRF450 instead. After careful evaluation we discovered that the geometry for the CRF450 was identical to the CR500 old school steel framed bikes. We carefully built and tested the prototype Aluminum Framed CR500 for two years and developed the best handling two stroke in the world. Our design makes the factory frame even stronger than in the original form. We offer 250 and 500cc Kawasaki, CR500cc Honda’s, and RM250cc Two Strokes. We build two Stroke Motors, do suspension Mods, and sell OEM Parts

We are currently building the first Road Racer 500cc Two Stroke in an aluminum Frame and will be debuting it at the International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland Ohio, the Motorcycle Dealer Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, and at Bike Week in Daytona, Florida


George Fanelli on his custom built Aluminum Frame CR500 racing near Cleveland, Ohio taking the win in the 40+ Vet Pro Class.

MPS will be happy to ship their products any where in the world.

For additional information please contact;

George Fanelli
Sr. Project Engineer
Motorsports Products and Services
Toledo, Ohio 43615 USA