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Maico about to become the Wizard of O.Z.

by JohnNicholas on 12/01/2008

The infamous sound of the new two stroke Maico will soon be reverberating around Australia with news that the brand is about to make a major come back down under through Australian company Maico Australia.

After several months of contractual negotiations and logistical arrangements through distributors Maico U.K. an exclusive distribution deal will see the complete range of handmade two strokes will be heading for the sunny Gold Coast shores over the next few months.

With massive interest already being shown in the big bore bikes the first shipment will contain at least one 500 M.X. and a monster 700 M.X. along with a selection of graphics, seat covers and other bolt on goodies for the bespoke bikes.

Maico Australia Boss David Flowers will also be stocking and supplying parts for the old bikes right bike to 1978 and for those die hard twin shock enthusiasts we are pleased to announce that in a unique deal with Maico U.K. “brand new” handmade 1981 490’s can be supplied to order.

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