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TSM Tech: Put a new style gas tank on your 96 to 01 YZ

by Charles Owens on 07/23/2011

If you are looking to freshen up your older YZ tank and shrouds, here’s how you do it.


Tools needed for the conversion:

Box cutter
Hand files
Center Punch

Vice to hold it all
6.5mm Drill bit for the tank mounts
Step Drill bit capable of drilling a 16mm hole for the rubber bushings

Start by sliding the rubber tank mount up the frame and re attaching with a zip ty. The lower rubber mount had to be trimmed (Razor Blade/Box Cutter) on the side so the tank would slide over it snug. (picture shows the radiator cages I built).

Here are the brackets I made. They are made from 40×40 3mm Aluminium angle. The rubber bushings with washer tube inserts are the same used on the radiators. Extra holes in the middle of the bracket are just for visual.

Here are the dimensions for the mounting holes for the Tank. All measuring from the TOP leading edge downwards.

Use your 6.5mm drill bit to drill the holes.


Radiator fill side measurements. (Right)Measurements for the left side

For the lower shroud brackets you can do this (Taken from another build)  Drill 2 holes 25mm’s apart (center to center). I’d use a bit of smaller angle for extra strength so there is a spine, bend the bracket for the correct fit to your shroud.

This is how I did mine, I built Radiator cages with integrated lower shroud mounts for the newer guards. 6mm side thickness and crush tubes bolted front and rear. Shouldn’t be able to wreck those babies in a hurry!

Lower shroud mount

 Thanks to Ben Rowe for the information and pictures.