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Family, Not Fame

by DirtyGirl on 03/07/2011

After last week’s polls, it looks like our wheels will shine with red hubs and black rims, Charles will be getting to work polishing the swingarm, and white plastics will be the backdrop for some killer graphics.  After hours of sandblasting, the parts are being powder coated to look brand new.  Very Impressive, Please definitely check out the build pictures in the forum.  Pretty soon what was just taken apart, will start to be reassembled.  Keep a watch on the forum, some new polls will be posted in the next couple of days.

The motor has been shipped off to Eric Gorr and Forward Motion, who had signed on as a bike sponsor and has now signed on to become a TSM site sponsor.  In addition to Forward Motion, and Lineman MX Training have also joined the TSM Sponsors Family.  Please check out their websites and be sure to follow them on all social networks.

We would also like to welcome and say thank you to our new bike sponsors as well. Boyesen will be sending over some items to help get our bike race ready and we have Pete Baltera stitching up a custom seat for the 144.  TSM is excited to see our community’s bike raced at local tracks around the country.

Grass-roots- adjective

                of, pertaining to, or involving the common people, especially as contrasted with or separable from an elite.

This word is perfect for TSM’s vision of our family bike build.  Some have questioned our choice of bike for this build.  Why so old? Why a Yamaha?  The way TSM sees it, this bike build symbolizes our community.  We are the common people, we are contrasting with an elite.  We aren’t 20 elite riders in a stadium.  We are the thousands of people on our local tracks that race for the love of racing, not for the endorsements and the money.  We are the parents, and friends, and fans that come out every weekend to cheer our racers on.  We are the ones that keep 2-strokes alive. 

                This build is to mirror how anyone in our TSM family can build a race ready bike.  This is to show realistically, how a parent can keep their child racing and not be a millionaire to do it.  This bike is to show how our TSM community doesn’t care if we have the newest bike out there, we care that we have a TWO-STROKE out there.  This bike is our Family’s bike.

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Frame ready for final prep and powder.

Fresh from the blast cabinet