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Bringing a bike to life

by Charles Owens on 03/01/2011

If you, or your company would like to support this project. Contact Us.

If you would like to donate to this project through PayPal Click Here.

All donations will be used toward the project. You can even pick the part we purchase, and your name will be placed on the front fender!

Our list of sponsors is growing! And so is the excitement.  At TSM, the energy is unbelievable as the bike build moves forward.  We will have a poll posted later for voting, so keep checking back with the forum.   And like last time, voting will close on Sunday.

It is a great day for a bike build!  Now that the bike has been stripped down and the frame is under prep, the fun part really begins.  We canít wait to see what Eric Gorr and Forward Motion have in store for our motor.  So while Eric works on the heart of our build, Power Play has its work cut out with getting layers of paint off the frame and sandblasting all of the YZís usable parts.

If any of you keep up with TSM on Facebook, you might recall a post to our local morning dj Elliot with Elliot in the Morning on DC101.  The station has agreed to send us some stickers for our bike.  Please be sure to show them some appreciation by hitting the ďlikeĒ button on their Facebook page.

Indigo Racer Power Sports has come aboard not only as a bike sponsor, but a TSM site sponsor as well.  Indigo will be donating parts throughout the build as the need arises.  Indigo is also offering a 10% discount to ALL of our forum members.  The perks of 2-strokes, now you can save money on your money saving two-stroke.

Ryan Sipes, Professional AMA rider and Owner of ProLogics MX and Offroad, will be supplying our bike with custom wheels and suspension.  A poll will be posted to choose the wheel color for Ryan and his team to give our shoes some life.  We have decided to stick with the TSM theme(makes sense right?) and you will be able to vote on the rim and hub colors with different Black and Red combinations. 

UPS showed up this morning with a box full of bearings, chain rollers and wheel spacers. Thanks to All Balls Racing for providing what our project needed to get rolling!

When we take the TSM bike to the track we want it to stand out.  Illusion Grafix will be just the ones to do that.  They have signed up to provide our bike with some personality and will be putting together a few graphics options for us to vote on later in the build.  Tonight, a poll will be posted to pick the color plastics that their graphics will join.  Illusion Grafix offers custom made graphics for your dirtbike along with all your other toys at great prices.

Looks like it will be another busy week for everyone at TSM and involved sponsors!  A special Thanks to Mike at Indigo Racer, for taking time out of his busy schedule to hand deliver parts to Power Play and TSM. 



Pro Logics YZ 250

Be sure to check out TSM Racings first team member, Andrew Cameron