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Two Stroke IS Motocross

by Charles Owens on 01/22/2011

The sport of Motocross is suffering, the fans are diminishing. Why? Four Strokes.

Iím sure many people will disagree with what I have to say, but most know where I am coming from.

Two Strokes are the heart and soul of Motocross, and EVERYONE that enjoys this sport should agree. Remember when going to races was actually fun? Last weekís SuperCross in Phoenix was lacking entertainment value to say the least. No racing happened, just a bunch of money hungry riderís trying to get paid. Motocross is evolving into 2 wheeled NASCAR, donít get me wrong I like almost any sort of racing. As long as itís fun to watch. Four Strokes are boring to ride, boring to watch. How can MX be boring?? With a gate full of Two Strokes, racing happens. No way around it. It takes skill, determination, and a lot of heart.

The four strokes were designed for one thing, profit. Before the high rpm four strokes, the average rider could spend $150 and replace his top end. Or even spend a few hundred more for a complete engine rebuild. Now dealers are pushing these high-reving time bombs, and most consumers donít know the actual cost of a rebuild until itís too late. Dealers are making more money from repairs, than actual sales.
Very sad, we agree.

I am a HUGE fan of MotoCross, but I have pretty much lost interest in Pro Racing. TSM will do whatever we can to support our fans, the ones that know where MX came from. Iím not trying to get in a 2vs4 debate, we all know where it leads. Iím just expressing my opinions. I get e-mails from readers everyday, saying they just got back on a Two Stroke after being on a Four for a few years. What do they all say? ďI forgot how much fun riding was!Ē, and my favorite ďItís so nice to not have to worry about the motor failing in mid-air.Ē
Four Strokes WILL kill the sport. Tracks are closing from noise, fans are getting tired of watching MowerCross, people canít afford to fix thier bikes when they explode..

TSMís plan is to focus on raising awareness, and giving fans a place to race the best bikes in the world. More and more Two Stroke events will be taking place over the next few years. For those that remember racing. The sound, the smell, the excitement! Check your local tracks for events and show your support!

One last note. Traction Control possibilitesÖ That will make Pro MX even more exciting to watchÖ No Roost? No Skill? No Talent? Yeah. Let the good times roll!

Chad Reedís thought on TC:

"Just got educated on this whole TC dealio:) let's just say there is endless possibilities. the AMA should just legalize it right now IMO..."

And we all heard Stewarts reply when asked about it..

"Uhh... Uhh..."