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Clean Two-Stroke Engines Boyesen Reinvents the Two-Stroke

by JohnNicholas on 11/01/2008

What if you could get a motor with nearly all of the characteristics of a 4-stroke and the lightweight and power of a 2-stroke rolled into one? Eyvind Boyesen may just be onto something with his revolutionary design.

The Boyesen design basically traps the fuel/air charge in the cylinder without the need for a sound wave to push it back in. This eliminates the mixing of a fresh charge with a spent charge and Joe told us it reduces emissions and makes more power. The photos we took of the prototype show us a little how it works. An exhaust valve is linked to the crankshaft on a cam system. It raises and lowers the valve to block the charge from escaping, allowing the cylinder to compress the most fuel and air as possible. Then as the fuel combusts, the valve opens with the cylinder to let the exhaust out.

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