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Two Strokes of the Florida Motocross Series

by JohnNicholas on 07/19/2010

A  long time TSM supporter and reader Bill T. posted the following photos on our forum. In addition to taking photos, he spoke with each of these brave racers and added a short description to go along with each photo.

There really is a movement towards two-strokes at the local level.

The weekend we were in Okeechobee Fl. I was going to post all the Two Stroke bikes at the event, but there were to many for me to take pictures of. At the start of the 250 practice I counted 17 ! I didnít count the 450 class.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many Two Strokes were at each of the races. With my son Jake racing, I ran out of time. I told all of them about the Two Stroke web site and Project Two 50.

A few had heard about You would think they all had been to the web site by the stories they told me.  Most told me it was more fun to ride the two-stroke and cheaper to maintain.

On the weekend of April 18, 2010 we were at Dade City Mx for the 5th race in the Florida Motocross series. There were racers preparing for and attempting to qualify for Loretta Lynnís.

Anthony Zaffino 18yrs old 2009 MC250 Gas Gas!

Anthony has been to Lorettaís on his Gas Gas (what a great motorcycle!). Heís a very good rider. He ran in the Youth 16-24 class and took first place and some of the riders were on 450?s.

There were more girls and women on two strokes, but I didnít catch up with them. Iíll try to do so as the season goes on. What I wanted to show was that Two-strokes are making a come back. More and more are being raced successfully! In Florida we have a very competitive Girls class. Iíd love to publish some stories on the girls in the near future, so stay tuned.

Brinsley Dyess 15yrs old 2005 YZ250

Brinsleyís dad is Dean Dyess he runs the Florida Motocross Series. She was on a kx250F but said she likes the YZ250 Two Stroke better.Brinsley is one of the fastest girls in the state of Florida and has done well at Lorettaís the last couple of years.

I just wanted to share some observations. I wanted to show everyone that real people are racing two strokes. Well, to my surprise there are many of them out there.

What you guys donít know is how many riders Iíve missed taking pics of (maybe more than Iíve gotten). The other thing is when Iíve talked to the ridersÖ is their reasons for riding two strokes. Most didnít know about this web site but had the same reasons weíve been talking about for the last couple years.

Maybe because of the economy many have complained of the cost of buying and maintaining a four stroke,and that the choice was stop racing or race a two stroke. But with the rule change of 250 vs. 250 the racers are flocking to the two stroke to be competitive.

But the latest comments Iíve been hearing and hearing a lot is the two stroke is more fun to race and itís the younger riders that have been saying it.

I think its a good sign for motocross and two strokes. The economy has hit us hard in Florida and our attendance at the races is way down and has me a little worried. Iíve talked to some of the parents that we started with and asked what happened to some of them and they say they couldnít afford to race anymore! Some of the ones hanging in are doing it with the help of the two stroke, and its helped us hang in there also.

250 C Class at least 8 bikes were two strokes!

Alex Sardina 34 yrs old 2007 YZ 250

John Sardina (Alex's Son) 16 Yrs old 2007 YZ 125

Raymond Johnson 13 yrs old 2003 RM125

Raymond Johnson now has two 2003 RM 250's

Daniel and Jerry Cook, Daniel is 15yrs old, Dad Jerry is 53. 2003 CR125.

Ty Kontrath 40 yrs old 2006 RM125

Adam Pankoke 14yrs old 2008 YZ125

Alex Spade 18 yrs old 2009 KTM SX250

Ben Dickson 15yrs old 2006 YZ125

Bob Tiesler 50 yrs old 2007-CR250

Bobby Harner 16 yrs old Winner of the 2009 Sportsman Award 2007 RM 125

Bryan Hood 20yrs old 2003 YZ250

Cody Lammer 16 yrs old 2006 YZ125

Danny Baxley 52 yrs old 1983 CR480

Danny Fat Boy Baxley 52yrs old 1981 CR450

Drew Stocker 17yrs 2005 YZ250

Jacob Truax 16 yrs old 2001 CR125

Jason Gillespie 24 yrs old 2004 CR250

Jeff Burrows - 2009 KTM

Jon Osborn 50yrs old 2004 KTM SX250

Kody Goss 15yrs old 2007 RM250. By the way Kody won the 250 and 450 C classes.

Kurt Lucas 17yrs old 2007 YZ250

Kyle Bangerter 13yrs old 2007 CR250

Marcelo Faga 2003 RM125. Marcelo rents bikes to race and he said this one was rented for Sunday!

Mark Derose 20yrs old 2001-CR250

Mary Weeks 13 yrs old 2007 CR125

Matt Karwat 14 yrs old 2006 RM125

Nick Taylor 19yrs old 2009 YZ250

Patric Flynn 14 yrs old 2006 RM125

Shane Kehoe 17yrs old 2009 YZ250

Terry Joell 55yrs old 2007 YZ125

Tim Dickson 15yrs old 2005 YZ125 By the way he has an identical twin!

Troy Downs 36 yrs old YZ250