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Can a Two Stroke run at 200:1 fuel/oil Mixture?

by JohnNicholas on 06/30/2010

When someone says they can run their two stroke at 200:1 the first thing that happens is that people’s eyes go wide and they say “Huh?” It happens every time the Project Two 50 team mentions they are running a 200:1 mixture. Of course there are many that are skeptical.

How can anyone possibly use such a lean fuel/oil mixture?

The folks over at MicroBlue Racing have the answer. Ten years ago founder Craig LeClaire developed a coating process that virtually eliminates metal to metal friction and wear. When you eliminate friction the need for oil becomes less important.

This process begins with superfinishing all parts before the coating is applied. This removes the peaks created during the manufacturing process, therefore changing the surface profile of the metal. It’s easiest to equate this with a rock versus a skipping stone, a smooth stone skips best.

Once the parts are superfinished, the MicroBlue coating is applied. This process occurs at the molecular level which can be verified by a Stereo Scope.

Because of this interaction, there is now no such thing as a lubricant starved condition. Which is why so little lubricant is required.

Craig say, “MicroBlue actually changes the way lubricants work. You know how slippery you feel in the shower with soft water? Soft water changes the way soap wets your skin, making you feel slippery. When a lubricant comes into contact with any MicroBlue coated surface, it does exactly the same thing-by changing the way a lubricant works on the surface.”

Initial tests of this technology on a two stroke were performed on a Ryobi leaf blower. Once the coating was applied to the cylinder, piston, rings, crank and bearings the engine was assembled, then tested.

The testing consisted of connecting the Ryobi Leaf Blower to a pickle bucket filled with fuel mixed at 200:1 Craig started the leaf blower in the barn, wired the throttle wide open and left the machine to run. This test was an attempt to seize the motor. Craig went back to the barn and amazingly the leaf blower was still running!! Total run time? 60 hours – non-stop!

The leaf blower was sent to a third party for testing. Where an additional benefit of running the lean fuel mixture was discovered, particulate emissions were completely eliminated!!

Of course this piqued the interest of the EPA. Because of the initial tests the EPA has authorized a SBIR Phase 1 Project to study and evaluate particulate reduction in MicroBlue Racing coated two stroke engines.

Next up, a test on a full sized two-stroke motocross machine. When Craig was introduced to Project Two 50, he recognized an opportunity to showcase this process to a wider audience.

After much testing, the Project Two 50 team is now running their machine at 200:1 The bike will make it’s Pro race debut at the Red Bud AMA Pro Motocross race on Saturday July 3rd.

If you’re a fan of two strokes, make sure to tune in to the first moto on and to watch the second moto LIVE on NBC.