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Lalo’s 2-Stroker Story

by JohnNicholas on 05/21/2010

Howdy General!

This story is about my son “Lalo.”  Lalo got his first motorcycle when he was 12…a 1980 XR200.  He picked-up riding naturally, but complained that the XR was too slow.  For his 14th b-day we gave him my old 2000 YZ125.  After some “relearning” what a clutch was really for, he began to really rip on his 2-smoker.  He did so well, that last year we got him a 1995 CR250.  Here is where we begin……

Cross Creek Motorcycle Park, Bastrop Texas,  August 2009

Lalo had decided to try-out his “new” 95 CR250 on the day track at Cross Creek.   The track was not very busy with about 15 or so 4 strokes roaring around.  Lalo waited until the group of “leaders” had passed and he zipped out onto the track.

About 30 minutes later Lalo rode up and said the guys on the 4-strokes forced him off the track.   I went up to the track and found a group of riders, men in their mid to late 20’s, all riding CFR450’s and other big bore 4-strokes.  I asked them why they ran my boy off the track and they said they thought he would get “hurt,” but didn’t mean any harm.

Now, Lalo only had a roost protector, gloves, boots, jeans and a tee-shirt…..very “redneck” looking.  I told them, if they would just get out of his way, it would be alright.  They laughed.  Since the track was not busy due to the raging 105 degree heat,  I told the “boys” that they could try to keep up with my son, but not unless they ditch those 4-strokes and get a man’s bike anyway.  A few laughed, but most scowled back at me.  One of the “younger” looking boys piped up that Lalo’s “old wore-out” 2-smoker would not keep up.  The seed was then sewn.

I bet the young man that he could not hang with Lalo for 2 laps, and if he did, he could have $15 (entry fee) and I would buy him a six-pack.  He accepted.

The young man got his KX450F up to the gate beside Lalo while we attempted to wait patiently while he started his bike.  5 min. later we were ready.   Lalo took the holeshot to the first corner, but was getting used to the bike and was passed right away.  For the rest of the first lap Lalo stayed right behind him.  On the second lap, Lalo decided to open the “old” CR up a bit.   Lalo finished a full 10 SECONDS ahead of that kiddo.  Afterwards, the young man was mortally embarrassed and asked if Lalo’s bike was a “factory” bike.  I told him:  “Compared to a 4-stroke, it might as well be..”

The only sad part to this story is that none of those young riders had ever ridden a 4-stroke!  They were a product of marketing…thinking 4-strokes were it.

Follow-up    Cross Creek Motorcycle Park, May 2010

This past weekend we were riding at Cross Creek and we ran across the same bunch of fella’s.  And would you believe it……3 of them had gone out and bought 2 smokers!  Real truth in motocross.  Making believers wherever we ride.

Tom P.