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M.M.X. in action show reel

by JohnNicholas on 03/17/2010

With continuous demands from around the globe being placed on Maico Internationals marketing department for a promotional video of the new M.M.X. in action we are pleased to announce that filming starts this coming week.

The three day shoot should provide enough raw footage for an informative and high octane insight into the bike, plus a little nostalgic glance to the past and that traditional Maico sound.

“Since launching the new bike in January we have been flat out touring round Europe promoting and talking to potential distributors and are currently working on a 6-8 week waiting list, ideally we would have had this all wrapped up a month or so ago, said company co chief Lesley White (I’m still recovering from wearing just a t-shirt in the snow for John last week in Pfaffingen) the response has been phenomenal and with the ease of communication via  the net we want to get this video available to everyone as soon as possible”.