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Engine Build HPP Valve Honda CR250 – Part 6

by dogger315 on 03/12/2010

Part six of CR250 engine build.  This is a short segment on the installation of the ignition components, countershaft sprocket, kickstart lever and ignition cover.

To install the stator plate, match the mark at the bottom of the plate to the casting mark on the case

Apply a thread-locking agent to the two mounting bolts and tighten securely.

Install the woodruff key into the slot on the crankshaft spindle

Install the rotor, washer and flanged hex nut and torque to 40 lb. ft.

Place a new gasket in the grooves of the ignition cover and install the ignition cover with the four pan head screws and washers

Install the kickstart lever onto it’s splined shaft and tighten the bolt to 20 lb.ft.

Install the countershaft sprocket with the recessed side facing toward the engine

Place the cone washer over the countershaft sprocket with the “out side” mark facing out and tighten the bolt to 33 lb.ft.

Congratulations, you have just completed the bottom end of your engine build