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Two Strokes and Attitude…

by JohnNicholas on 02/27/2010

When I woke up, the thought “how can we gather more support for the two-stroke”, ran through my sleepy brain.

While it’s true that Two Stroke is not entirely responsible for the shift happening in motocross as we speak, the tide is changing. I hope in some way that the stories, articles, tests and press releases published on TSM have helped.

More racers are switching to two strokes on their own in what appears to be ever increasing numbers. The comments, feedback and e-mail received at the TSM headquarters support this growth. It’s happening in many parts of the USA and the world. This is great news.

Debate, debate, bebate, why don't we all just go riding?

What I’ve noticed over the past few years is that there are rabid fans on each side of the equation. Which leads to those same fans thinking that the only way to get the other side to switch over is to convince them the other side is wrong.

Worse yet some think the only way to approach the issue is to equate it with a war or fight. They call out the others, say stupid or mean things and generally just cause problems for everyone. This does nothing but upset everyone.

I have a question for you, if you truly believed that you knew the correct answer to a question and someone started yelling at you, calling you names, telling you that your stupid, would you listen to them? Would they have any chance of influencing your decision?

My illusion is that you would consider them crazy, write them off and attempt to get away as soon as possible.

Do people run from you because you seem crazy?

What am I getting at? Using the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” when talking with people who have differing opinions than you.

Of course the idiom “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is helpful to keep in mind as well. This saying has been around for years, lets look at the definition of this phrase to break down what it actually means.

“It is easier to persuade people if you use polite arguments and flattery than if you are confrontational.”

This is a simple easy way to remember how to talk to others respectfully. This can go a long way in helping you to get what you want or to help others to see your point of view. Realize that you may not change their mind or get them to agree with you, but they will listen.

A positive attitude goes a long way.

How can we apply these thoughts and ideas for showing others that the two-stroke is a viable machine in motocross?

When speaking with four-stroke fans or writing posts on message boards, stay respectful and speak about what you are doing, not what they are doing wrong. Calling them out and saying they’re wrong, will only make our job increasingly difficult. Worse yet they will close their mind to the idea of two-strokes.

When you talk to these folks with respect and just point out that you want fair rules and are willing to talk about it, you can move mountains. If you create anger or animosity it’s impossible to even talk, how can you expect to create solutions together?

Be nice!

Jump for joy about two-strokes!

Next, please buy a two-stroke for yourself if you don’t already own one. Then show up at the races and do your best. When you come off the track make sure that you have an ear-to-ear grin for all to see. Remember to effuse “Man that was so much fun!” “When’s the next moto?”

Next is to share those stories of fun and excitement with others. Whether that’s with your buddies at the race track, in the neighborhood, on message boards or forums every little story helps the overall shift in people’s opinions.

If you’re interested in having your story published on this site, please feel free to use the contact form above to contact me and we’ll work something out to get your story out to the world. The one thought to consider here is that you don’t necessarily have to win your class, just that you compete and have fun on your two-stroke.

Mail your two-stroke stories...

Each and every story helps. These articles about real people racing, riding and switching to two-stroke do much more than you can imagine. It plants a seed in the mind of those around you, “Hey, maybe I should look at the two-strokes.”

For those you might be saying, sure your telling us to go out and do this stuff, but what are you going to do?

Glad you asked!

Along with a few friends we are going to jump into the fray and get some much needed publicity for the two-stroke.

Question: How can you reach out to the greatest number of motocross fans?
Compete in the Pro Nationals using a two-stroke!

Yes, you’ve heard it right, rip out those ear plugs needed for the four-strokes, the sound of a 250cc two stroke will be echoing across hills throughout parts of the USA. Watch out for us at the AMA 450F Outdoor Nationals!

Instead of waiting and bemoaning rules that may never change, we’ve decided that the best plan is to race. Competing with a 250cc two-stroke against the 450F race machines of the big factories.

It appears this idea has struck a chord, this past week we were interviewed for Dirt Rider magazine. They have expressed interest in testing our machine for a possible feature article. How cool is that? Special thanks to Pete Peterson and Damian Ercole at Dirt Rider.

This is our new logo for the project.

You know what’s bizarre? Most everyone we’ve spoken to thinks this is a great idea! Including some die-hard four-stroke racers. How crazy is that?

Now many folks are asking what they can do to help. We received offers that we find to be absolutely amazing. It’s hard to put into words just how grateful we are for everything.

While we promise is to do our very best at the races, we feel it’s important to share with our fans and supporters the fun, excitement and joy of motocross racing. We’ll do this in an up close and personal fashion.

Stay tuned for more information soon!

Thank you for your support.