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Engine Build HPP Valve Honda CR250 – Part 4

by dogger315 on 02/27/2010

This is part four of the CR250 engine build and will cover the assembly and installation of the kickstarter, idle wheel and gear change mechanism.

To assemble the shift pawls and springs, coat the springs, plungers and pawls with transmission oil. Insert the pieces into the shifter and place the completed assembly into the plate guide. Place the assembly aside.

Mount the drum stopper and drum stopper spring onto the right case with the pivot bolt and torque to 9 lb.ft. Don’t forget the thrust washer between the drum stopper and mounting boss in the case.

Use a screwdriver to move the drum stopper and install the shift drum center onto the shift drum making sure it is seated. Install and tighten the shifter pin (bolt in drum center) to 16 lb.ft.

Mount the previously completed plate guide into the end of the shift drum center (use a small screwdriver to depress the shift pawls until they seat into the shift drum center). Apply a locking agent and torque the three bolts to 9 lb.ft.

Install the return spring, circlip and thrust washer on the gearshift spindle (first picture) and install the collar on the shifter (line in second picture). Apply grease to the gearshift spindle and install it into the case. Use a soft mallet to coax the spindle until seated.

To assemble the kickstarter, install the thrust washer and circlip on the kickstart spindle

Next, allign the punch marks on the small ratchet gear with the punch mark on the spindle and install the ratchet gear

Next, install the large ratchet gear and thrust washer. Install the return spring in the hole in the spindle and insert the sleeved spacer.

Finally, install the thrust washer and small spring at the opposite end of the assembly and insert the whole assembly into position in the right center case and wind the return spring clockwise until you can insert the spring end in the hole in the case.

Next up is the idle wheel. Coat the idle wheel bushing with transmission oil and Install the idle wheel bushing and idle wheel on the countershaft. Spin the wheel, it should spin freely and quietly along with the kickstart large ratchet wheel. If the idle wheel does not spin freely and quietly, remove it, turn it over and check it again. This is the functional check for the idle wheel and kickstart disengagement.