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Want to Build your own Aluminum Framed KX500? Benny Lindberg shows you how.

by JohnNicholas on 12/04/2009

If your like me, when you see these works of art, these machines built from parts you wonder, just how the hell did they do that!

The following pdf file will show you how Benny Lindberg built his own Aluminum framed wonder. Please keep in mind that English is not Benny’s first language, so some sentences may need a little thinking about, but he writes very well and goes into detail on what is required to build one yourself.


With a little ingenuity, planning and patience, these instructions could be used and applied to other applications. If you have done or will in the future build your own updated two stroke racer, please share photos and your story with the rest of us. Thanks!

You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer to read this document.

KX500AF-07 Build