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SOUTHWICK MX National 2009 – Privateer Views and Pit Ramblings……

by Jeff Conboy on 08/31/2009

My recent trip to Southwick MX 338 National MX was wet and Coool!.. A soggy New England day of actually exciting National MX racing action and some interesting pit discussions made for a great weekend involving work and fun.

Now, I love all motorcycles, all years and all strokes…even diesel motorcycles, but had to find out answers to a timely question….So I wandered around the pro pits and asked about 10 privateer riders in the 250F class this simple question…

“If next year the AMA (or who ever is in charge) opened up the class to allow any 250cc bike what would you be riding 2 or 4 stroke?”

9 out of 10 riders said 2-STROKE and came up with these reasons…

* A 2-stroke will give me a fighting chance power wise against big buck teams and their $15,000 4-stroke engines.

* Cheaper for me to service and modify to race.

* More Reliable!…My 4-stroke is a time bomb, and costs tons to race.

* Allows me to practice on the bike or the same type bike as my race bike! (I can’t practice on my 4-stroke race bike).

* My parents and sponsors wouldn’t go broke trying to help.

All the riders gave me these same basic answers…Now they like their 4 strokes, but can’t keep them competitive (or together) against big dollar teams!…Simple!…Who could? With complete big buck engines being changed after 2 motos and sometimes every moto, how does a private rider expect to be competitive? Opening up the class to size only would allow for better racing, better spectator turnouts and a better future for motocross.

It is time for the AMA (or who ever) to open up their eyes and do what is good for the sport. Wake up!… Look at the situation and find out the facts!….Give the backbone of this sport a fighting chance to race!.. Let the any type 250cc engine compete!…

Now for the boring, mixed up, timed qualifying nonsense……that’s a “whole ‘nuther story”…..

Jeff Conboy