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Author Topic: Race Report 125 All Star Race The Wick 338 National 6/29/2019  (Read 443 times)

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Bet you people didn't know I was a mechanic. Come on now, tell me the truth. You didn't know did you, but now you do.

It was earlier this year when I get a text from The Oracle stating that he he was thinking about signing up for the 125 all star race at the wick national. I being a current and upstanding member and leader of M.I.R.A.'s Connecticut chapter jumped at the opportunity to get track wrench for my brother the Oracle. "I'm your man" I boldly told the Oracle and that was that, I was in.
 As any good mechanic knows, its important to take care of the rider. he had practice on Friday's press day, I show up on Saturday. I did bring 20lbs of ice though, so alls forgiven. You see every race day cooler needs ample amounts of ice. To keep the beer cold of course. 

Before practice starts I make sure the Oracle is fueled with proper nutrition, so I secure the oracle an outside sponsorship with Alpen cereal. MMMMM delicious. After some bike prep, which consisted of me leaning on the bike to check seat foam density and of course pulling in the clutch leaver and snapping the the throttle severl times I told Oracle " You're good, I'm going to watch Pro practice see ya down at the start." After first practice ended I meandered over to see if Oracle needed anything, like and umbrella or some more Alpen, then headed over to the mechanics signaling area to take lap time and look important.

Whats this!? an impostor! How dare he!

Practice went well. It was definitely gong to be a toss up between Billy Ainsworth or Mike Hacia. Back in the pits we discussed race strategy. " Go for the Holey and fade back, that's our best shot" " Right, bike looks good, towel off, have some more Alpen and Ill see you at the line. I'm going to check out the National guys lines so we can take the ones that won't allow us to win".
 Before I headed down to analyze race lines, the Prez stopped in and shared some good hearted adventure club stories to take some pressure off the Oracle. It didn't last long though as I think the FEDs were onto his location and he had to split. 
After much line analyzing I found the Oracle in staging. He looked flustered and proceeded to tell me he fouled a plug before heading to staging. I told him thank Goodness you're a good mechanic. Shortly there after the Oracle took his position on the gate and I did my best impression of an umbrella guy. I mean I was twerking,doing that thing with the twirling and basically standing there.
 Next came the sighting lap and let me tell you, Ainsworth and Hacia owned the sight lap. Back at the gate I gave the oracle last bit of advice, " don't die out there, cause them holes are deeeep!" When the gate dropped, the oracle did as planned. He went for the Holey then faded back to safer ground. Well done Billy Ainsworth I had you winning from the get go!