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Author Topic: Practice Track Diaries Central Village Cycle Club 06/01/2019  (Read 402 times)

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If your memory serves you right, you can remember last season I wrote an obituary concerning my participation at this what used to be one of my favorite tracks, my home town track. Wait, what!? What do mean you dont remember? You all hang onto every story I compose, every word, like it was as though an angel was whispering in your ear don't you? Well, don't you?
 So what started as love at first race affair, turned into an old stale, soured separation. you see the track went from motocross to stupidcross over the last few years with literally a stupid or dangerous jump on every available piece of real estate the poor club had to offer with a dash of cool that could no longer sustain the stupidity. Poorly run OP's where getting high was not an option, I mean literally you got a contact high just ripping down the river straight by the amount of weed the club  members would smoke back there. It was a mess.
 Flash forward to this year, new track builders, new organizational skills and an eerie absence of weed in the air. Come on Central hook a brother up! Just kidding. I mean if you have any left over...   

OK that being said, Central is back! I'm back!
 I wanted to shake down the 89 RM 125L but she has some serious jetting issues at the moment, poor girl. So I busted out the 93 Honda CR 125R! Probably the best bike Ive ever owned. No lie. She was for sale but no longer. I can't bear to part with her.
 Like I was saying Central is back and as fun as ever! Thanks C.C.C. you should be proud of yourselves you have regained the reigns you once had lost. Bravo!
The only issue i had was locking bars with some kid on an mini, sending him to the ground. Sorry kid. He was uninjured and was quick to remount, they still make em tough here in the nutmeg state. In closing, it has been a great season already and cant wait for whats in store.
Until next time TSM!