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Photos & Videos / TSMracing picked good riders!
« on: May 12, 2013, 07:37:54 PM »
Awesome, that place look sick, would love to check that out! 8)

General Two Stroke Talk / MXA: testing the 2013 husky cr125
« on: March 07, 2013, 12:35:48 AM »
All that space in the engine cradle/ compartment should be filled up with a gas tank to drop the center of gravity! Still a good looking bike!

Technical / Showa Shock spring won't fit!
« on: February 27, 2013, 01:08:51 AM »
I just rebuilt shock on my 02 CR250. I did a complete rebuild and installed a race tech gold valve, rebound separator valve/nut, bladder, seal, valve stacks, and reservoir cap to increase nitrogen volume, and a new spring for my weight. It was all going great until I tried to install the spring. I know that the inner diameter is larger on the upper end and smaller on the lower. The upper end is snug on/against the lower preload ring, but I cannot get the lower end of the spring to clear the bump rubber cup!
Does any one have a few tips or tricks to open up the lower end of the spring to get it on the shock without damaging or changing the spring rate!?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Riding Spots / Virginia Tracks
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:41:45 AM »
I'd love to go, I really like river city! Rebuilding my forks and shock right now. Once I get my bike back together I'll get on here and post before I go riding!  8)

Riding Spots / Virginia Tracks
« on: January 25, 2013, 06:49:08 PM »
Sweet, I'm rebuilding my shock and forks right now. I should be ready to ride in a couple weeks! I haven't ridden ECMX yet, just walked around and scoped it out! River city was a lot of fun though!

Riding Spots / Virginia Tracks
« on: January 24, 2013, 11:42:32 PM »
I'm down in Elizabeth City, NC. About an hour away from Norfolk. We have two tracks on the north side of town. River City MX and Elizabeth City MX. River City is open most weekends and ECMX holds open practices every now and then. I'm going to try and get a club membership to ECMX so I can ride almost any time. Let me know if you guys want to come down here and ride (preferably when it warms up a bit)!

2003 CR250R

Body/ Chassis-
   Frame would be slightly modified to allow the engine to sit lower in the cradle and drop the center of gravity without changing the frame geometry
   Carbon fiber gas tank w/sight gauge, made to sit lower in the frame and smooth out the bikes ergonomics from the gas tank to the seat    Carbon fiber seat pan
   Carbon fiber radiator braces and mounts
   Titanium foot pegs (wide)
   Titanium foot peg mounts, adjustable up/down/forward/      backward
   Carbon fiber Sub-frame
   Carbon Fiber air box with custom air boot for maximum air flow and efficiency
   Titanium bolts for high torque/load specs
   Aluminum bolts and drilled washers (anodized red) for all low torque/load specs
   Carbon fiber skid/glide plate
   Cycra power flow fenders front an rear
   Carbon fiber radiator guards/louvers
   Custom Blue seat cover with ridge panels made of the sticky stuff to keep my rear in place
   Reinforced swing arm to lessen flex and sway for a true to feel suspension action as well as increased stability

   Showa A-Kit front and rear(maybe try running the new air fork)
    Titanium Rear spring
   Custom billet triple clamps with 22mm offset
   Custom linkage and linkage arms for optimal suspension action and ride height

   APT Billet Smart Carb 38mm Taper bored or oval bore
   Boyesen Rad Valve
   Cylinder and case reed ported to broaden the power band with as much over rev as possible
   Head modded to support maximum and even fuel burn and support the broad range power band
   Exhaust valve modded for max exhaust flow and to smooth out the hard hit for a bit more subtle hit
    Custom Cone pipe to suit the broad power band
   Balanced OEM crank with Ceramic bearings
   Matched cases
   Micro Blued internals (not too sure which parts would benefit from the process and which wouldn't need it)
   Wiseco single ring flat top piston (stock bore)
   Carbon fiber silencer with Titanium Stinger
   Carbon fiber ignition cover
   Carbon fiber clutch cover
   ECU relocated to air box with custom wiring harness
   I-Cat(maybe, don't know if it would be necessary)
    ***All engine mods would support 110 race gas***

   Titanium sprockets and chain from Sidewinder or similar (if $$$$is of no concern, then aluminum sprockets and non o-ring chains would do, just change them frequently)
   Carbon fiber chain guide
   Carbon fiber drive sprocket cover
   Sealed bearing chain rollers
   Titanium chain adjuster blocks and bolts
   Transmission gears and internals would be Micro Blued for less wear and buttery smooth shifting
   Ceramic transmission bearings
   Hinson Clutch components
    Hinson billet clutch hubs, inner and outer
   Hydraulic Clutch with steel braided line to reduce hydraulic fade

   Talon carbon fiber/aluminum hubs
   Bulldog spokes and nipples (=0)
   Tires would be dependent upon terrain and conditions (don't have a particular brand)
   Excel A60 rims
   Braking Bat Fly 270mm front rotor
   Braking Bat Fly standard size rear rotor
   Brembo calipers front and rear
   Steel Braided brake lines
   Carbon fiber rotor guards and caliper guards
   Carbon fiber master cylinder and resevoir caps

   Easton 1-3/8" handle bars (I am currently running these bars and they are much nicer than my Pro Taper Contour or Renthal standard)
   ARC composite unbreakable levers
   Kevlar grips
   Aluminum throttle tube with bar end bearing and adjustable Cams for greater variation in throttle control for the rider
   Hammer Head Brake pedal with adjustable tip
   Hammer head shift lever

   Carbon Fiber self venting low profile gas cap
   Red Plastics
   Custom Graphics (not sure what to put on them yet)

I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff that I would like to do, but it's a start!

All Carbon Fiber and titanium parts are intended to make this bike as light as possible using the existing frame and engine!

Just my thoughts on my current ride!

Photos & Videos / New two stroke dirtbike movie
« on: October 19, 2012, 04:33:49 AM »
Awesome, Looks like you guys have fun!

Open Forum / The officially official hunting/fishing/outdoor thread
« on: September 27, 2012, 10:19:15 PM »
That is one monster He's got! I would love to hunt down there for some Rocky Mountain Elk. We have Roosevelt Elk up here in WA. They are monsters, but their racks just don't compare to the Rocky's. When a big bull is only 20-30 yds from you and he starts calling, its a little intimidating and awesome, you feel it in your chest!

Photos & Videos / Amazing on board footage Kohler Powered Wynnfurst
« on: September 27, 2012, 10:14:37 PM »
God to see some two stroke love in other racing areas! 8)

General Two Stroke Talk / Wife authorized a new YZ125...
« on: September 22, 2012, 03:40:09 AM »
Good luck on the new bike! Get what makes you happy!

I'd stay away from Monster Mountain MX if it has rained alot or looks as it will while you are there, it's mostly clay and gets slicker than snot when it rains, it's an awesome track and facility though, so on a dry day it would be prime.

For those of you that live around North Georgia and Alabama, There is a new track in Phenix City, AL that is pretty good! Just across the state line form Columbus, GA. The Guy that built it originally bought the land for hunting, but ended up putting a really nice track on it! One lap is about 1.5 miles. It has a real natural rythym/feeling to it, and its mostly sand( not Clay). You can look it up on Faceboook at Phenix City MX. The guys name is Warren Tyson, very nice and loves to ride. He is always looking to improve the track and is available most days to open it up. Its a little off the beaten path, but well worth the drive to ride a great track! I rode it last February with my Dad when we were down there visiting family. Warren has done a great job, and the track has come a long way since he opened it up!

General Two Stroke Talk / who rides what?
« on: August 10, 2012, 04:49:42 AM »
I have an '01 KX250, it's torn apart in my garage right now due to blown crank bearings! The motor was very strong and hit pretty hard too, but it blew up on me after 38.1 hours on a complete engine rebuild!!!! The KX line around the 99-02 era were notorious for "falling apart", reliability was dodgy at best! It was a fun bike to ride, but I spent way too much money fixing things on it that should last for a very long time!
I now have an 02 CR250 that runs awesome with the new Keihin PWK carb! It handles a lot better than the KX too.

Technical / What two stroke pre mix is best?
« on: August 10, 2012, 04:27:57 AM »
A little bit off topic but a good read none the less!

General Two Stroke Talk / CR250 build
« on: August 04, 2012, 11:21:46 PM »
Best mod for that bike is to get a Keihin PWK carb from JD Jetting and get rid of the Mikuni TMX carb it came with! Just put a Keihin on my '02 and what a difference it made. JD setup the carb for my bike and area, it comes with an extra needle and two extra main jets! 245 bucks well spent!

General Two Stroke Talk / Is This the future of dirt bikes?
« on: July 13, 2012, 01:43:10 AM »
The Electric push to move away from carbon based fuels is very skewed and misleading. The Toyota Prius for example, is not the most efficient car on the market! It averages 40-45 mpg on a regular basis, and that is with the aid of the electric motor that engages from 0-35 mph, at 35 mph the gasoline engine takes over. The Volswagen Jetta/Rabit/Golf TDI line of cars will get you better mpg than a Prius. On a road trip a few years ago, driving a VW Golf TDI, We averaged 58 mpg for the entire trip, 500+ miles!

I'm sure there is a lot more development coming up for these Hybrid cars, but at what cost? The current batteries in our gasoline and diesel powered vehicles are typically Lead-Acid. Lead-acid batteries are the most widely recycled product in the world because they're 70% lead by weight, the recycling process is simple and a global recycling system already exists, thus there is a desirable profit margin in recycling these Lead-Acid batteries as well as several other types of common batteries. However, the batteries that are being produced for these Hybrid/Electric cars are Lithium-Ion. These lithium batteries use cobalt and nickel, which are far more expensive than titanium, iron, and manganese that were previously used in lithium batteries. The switch to cobalt and nickel was due to an increase in battery performance when using these metals, as opposed to iron, manganese, and titanium. Despite their extremely high metal value, cobalt-based lithium batteries are rarely recycled because the process is so difficult and expensive. There was only one company in the world that had a program for recycling these lithium batteries, Unicore. The reason for this is because it is so damn expensive to recycle these batteries!!! The amount of Cobalt extracted from these batteries does not hold enough value to justify the process, and Unicore's only facility designed for this process is in Sweden! There are several other companies in the US now, Toxco is one, that have been given grants from the US government as part of a stimulus package to develop their own process and facilities to recycle these lithium batteries, there is also a facility in Trail, British Columbia, Canada as well.

The big push to electric/ hybrid cars is intensely backed and funded by the US government, it is part of Obama's pledge to transition the country away from a dependency on foreign oil and foreign-made batteries. Bull s**t!!!!!!!!!!!! There is obviously a profit to be made by producing these batteries, but (and this a huge BUT), by how much is it going to lessen our dependency on crabon based fuels?! Here is a quote from the CEO of Nissan: "Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, whose electric Leaf was unveiled this month, has said electric vehicle sales will make up 10 percent of the market by 2020, a figure equal to about 65 million units last year." 65 Million units?!!! Where is all the money going to come from to dispose of and /or recycle 65 million units worth of lithium batteries? The consumers, that's who will pay for the cost of the process, and when it's all said and done my 1994 Toyota pick-up(gasoline) that gets about 22 mpg, will still be cheaper to operate and maintain over the next 10 years than a Prius which needs new batteries every 3-5 years(batteries don"t last forever)! And what powers the factories and plants that are disposing of and recycling these batteries, what source of energy do they run on(insert: coughing ...carbon based fuels...bull sh*t!!-Oh , please excuse me, I had a lump of coal stuck in my throat!)?! It is nothing but smoke and mirrors to mislead "us",the consumers, into buying a product that is "GREEN" and saving the planet from Global Warming! There must be a cleaner/ better power source out there than what is currently available, but we cannot simply change our economic dependency on carbon based fuels over night. If the current economic status is a glimpse of things to come, then perhaps we should further development on current technology like DI for 2T's for cleaner transportation.......!!! When the economic status has come out of the dumpster, then it's time to look elsewhere for alternate fuels and power sources!

Apologies for the rant! My .02 cents have been spent!

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